Discuss ways to restore relations with correspondent banks


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Held Iraqi private banks association, consultative meeting with Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq.

The meeting which was attended by President of the Association Mr. Wadih Handal economic adviser and professor Samir Alnasiri outstanding problems with foreign correspondent banks.

The meeting was attended by the following "TBI banks (TBI) and the Lebanese Bank of France and Bank of Lebanon and the Diaspora and Franca Link and Bank of Pylos and Credit Libanais Bank, the Mediterranean and the Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries and the Bank of InterContinental and Abu Dhabi Islamic, in addition to a representative of the German Bank of Commerce and Fraser Turkish bank , in the presence of Iraqi banks and the Warka Union and Assyria.

It was agreed to approach higher authorities in charge of the two countries to overcome obstacles and restore relations to normal.