Rais: German loan gate to move the labor market

2/22/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb
approaching global economic blocs in Iraq stems from its importance on the world stage and this important global effort perceived by the evolving under international indicators that put Iraq in the lead among the ten richest countries in the world.

The signing of the Framework Convention on Iraq between the government and the German Development Bank on behalf of the Federal Government of Germany constructive mode guide to the stage of a new collaboration, which includes an agreement to lend Iraq $ 500 million euros aimed at the reconstruction of the areas liberated.

Employ money

by Baghdad forum economist Afif President of the importance of this loan, which aims to finance projects in the very important areas where military operations have led to the destruction of most of its facilities task, pointing out that real employment for the money in the projects implemented qualitatively lead to the achievement of great benefit to families in these areas and raise the economy.

He said in an interview for the "morning", that this agreement includes a provision of $ 500 Mellon euros to Iraq for the purpose of rebuilding the liberated areas of "Daesh" gangs used this purpose in the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged in electricity, roads, bridges, water facilities, sewage and health sectors in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh and parts of Baghdad belt.

Careful planning

and pointed out that this openness with important economic blocs around the world represents a gateway to a new phase of economic cooperation needs to be careful planning how to invest in a way that would benefit Iraq.

Cabinet has approved the signing of this agreement earlier, as the House of Representatives ratified through the ratification of the budget year 2017.

The priority projects

Rais between that will be liberated provinces referred to above to prepare lists of proposed projects and eligible for funding by the said loan and are approved by the ministries concerned with these sectors and subsequently submit to the Commission guidelines for the management of Iraq 's recovery project , which is firing mechanism projects of priority and urgency for these projects.

He said , will take over the specialized teams from the ministries of housing and construction, electricity, health preparing tenders , including tables of specifications for the implementation of these projects by local companies to the private sector , which oversees the implementation, and will include such projects supplying and processing equipment, machinery and appliances required for these projects, as well as the establishment, construction and reconstruction Emaar services affected.

Local industries

and Rais pointed out that the 190 million euros earmarked for 2017 for the implementation of important projects have priority because it is in contact with the life of citizens, pointing out that tampering by criminal gangs long all the facilities in those cities.

I pointed to the specialized committees affected all infrastructure projects in the areas of military operations in different proportions , and which has become out of service , and this increases the burden on the families of life in those areas. He stressed that the implementation of projects that cities contribute actively to move the labor market and provide employment opportunities for a large segment of young people in all disciplines, is also working to activate local industries associated with this matter, especially domestic cement that have made commitments to cover the domestic demand of this article industry, as well as move the local construction materials , which in turn create new jobs in the transport and supply sectors of the local markets and the expansion of markets , construction materials area extensively, which is likely a lot of economic problems processing market.

He pointed out that this movement in the projects contribute effectively in giving young people a new opportunity for the management of various small and medium - sized economic activities and new experiences raise their competence in the field of competence.