Important Information: Chalabi and "dollar gangs"

February 19, 2017

Sudden death in / November 3, 2015 to the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmad Chalabi, raises a lot of questions and doubts about the circumstances of his death and was in the process of publication of the details of files reveal corruption networks in the country.

Chalabi , who since chairing the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament focused more striking on financial corruption in the Iraqi state issues, specifically the corruption of the central bank, and financial policies , which he described as disastrous for the Iraqi economy, and on the reserve of hard currency, especially in the period of 2006 until late 2014, so that he raise the issue of the Central Bank of Iraq, said in one of its central bank sold through auction currency in the period between 2006 to 2014 to $ 312 billion, 750 million and 598 thousand dollars, equivalent to 57% of the total oil imports amounting to 551 billion and 749 million and 957 thousand and $ 142.

Chalabi also revealed that (1) for a bargain of a major corruption and waste of state funds, a deal with the Czech Republic for the purchase of aircraft type L159 training, fighting light, which have been manufactured since 1992, she was 22 years old when you buy them, and they are present in the stores have not been sold , not of Nha were not efficient work, and even the Czech Republic itself was adopted in the fighting or training, and considered invalid.

The Pour Chalabi , he was hired, the Czech Republic and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense approval of the Council of Ministers at the time, regarding the purchase of these aircraft in 2/2014, in spite of all these observations of inefficient aircraft, and is not fit even for training, and it opens the adoption of financial allocations for the purchase of aircraft by the end of 2014, considering it a clear evidence of the corruption of the deal suspicious.

It was the purchase of 10 aircraft, and two parts because the factory has been the locks and there were no spare parts, and actually the purchase was $ 166 million, which means that the price per plane amounted to $ 13 million.

While there is a US company bought the same plane, at a price of 900,000 dollars per aircraft, this is clear evidence that the deal is rotten, and the question here is : Who is behind this deal, and beneficiary of, and did not squander Iraq 's money and in favor of the stolen sad country 's money?

He said Chalabi , too, to face the corruption of another, a pass code number 301, which is spending without a budget, and this is contrary to the Constitution and all applicable laws, the state budget and public debt, as it is not permissible to exchange any amount of financial treasury of the state, without the approved budget, with the exception of 1 / 12 of each month from the operating budget.

On the other hand, at the time , Chalabi stressed the auction currency of corruption, and that the state to curb the dollar bands, and a quick re - negotiate licenses with companies, otherwise Iraq will be in the face of significant financial problems ominous, and this is what is proven.

In the same context dawn Chalabi bomb heavyweight, concerning the dossier raised broad political controversy, on foreign currency smuggling, as it said that Iraqi officials , they make money laundering and smuggling to banks outside the country, and demanded an investigation into the Parliament, announced the Supreme Judicial Council, a statement Tuesday, November 10, 2015, for an investigation of the files that Chalabi was deposited with the president of the "long" Fakhri Karim (2).

He added that he " has been trading currency smuggling between the head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the President of the Federal Cassation Court and the chief prosecutor and head of the judicial oversight body and head of the resumption of the Baghdad court file, and decided to form a panel to investigate judicial, to look at those documents which amounts to the number of pages , 41 pages.

According to the source (3), Chalabi was filed this file to the views and personalities of several shortly before his death, including the Shiite cleric Ali al - Sistani, in addition to others, asking them agitated and disclosure of exposing, if got him hated because he was being threatened.

It is important documents televised with Chalabi, he pointed to external pressures by Iran, and even America , which opposed, and pressed the Iraqi government not to withdraw confidence from then prime minister, to mismanagement and chaos in the country, and important point, raised by the Prime Minister at the meeting at the headquarters of the US embassy, to form a government without the secretary of defense and the interior, and their assumption is acting, two approval from the US side, Chalabi said that Iran and America want to install a prime minister in power at the time.

He said, that the US administration does not have a commitment to the will of the Iraqi people, because the people before the corruption, and the electricity crisis and all the problems, pointing out that America is interested party who cares to save their interests only.

He said Chalabi , in a televised interview last, and (4) that there are corrupted files lie in the reluctance of the work of the Iraqi state at all levels, in the electricity sector , for example, as announced cashed the year 2009 is just lies, reaching $ 27 billion and it was supposed to run 20 000 MW, was purchased 56 generator productivity of 125 MW, and pay the amount in cash, at a price per $ 44 million, stressing that the generators all does not work, the government attributed it to the lack of sufficient liquidity to sign partnerships to build the stations, and concluded contracts with a Canadian company one billion dollars, a company that does not exist already, and another with a German of $ 650 million.

Chalabi said that there is havoc in Article 36 of the Budget (contracts on credit), and $ 18 trillion, and spent properly.
Great corruption in the auction currency ..

revealed Chalabi for some documents confirming corruption in this aspect, including the fact that traders have received millions of dollars from the auction currency using the names of dead people.

In previous statements Chalabi revealed that "political parties to put pressure on the central bank to raise banks ' allocations in the auction, in return for payments," adding that "there are memorandums within the Central Bank of the names of these politicians from the House of Representatives and the government."

He said what he said Chalabi told the former head of the Integrity Commission Judge Rahim on 08.09.2015,
(Island) (5), as he said: "There are reports of financial control in 2010 , about the corruption of money laundering in Iraq, but political influence authoritarian to corrupt is not allowed prosecute and expose the facts to those who tamper with state funds. "

Finance Committee and confirmed in the Iraqi parliament for its part , in a report, the existence of large financial corruption, (in the previous parliamentary term), noting that the symbols of corruption in the period 2006-2014 was made up banks, banks, companies, and personalities falsified documents to evade huge sums about several countries.

He pointed Ugaili that " the then prime minister, shoveled Shabibi from the Iraqi Central Bank management and seized the wealth or the enormous treasure inside this institution; to control the Iraqi currency , and that is what happened later , " as: "After the removal of Shabibi from the Iraqi Central Bank to manipulate the exchange rate increased , said this speech the President of the parliamentary Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament in 2013 , Dr. Ahmed Chalabi, as it talked about the manipulation of exchange rates of the Central Bank of Iraq and the crisis related to the low level of the Iraqi dinar and the rise of the dollar, as a result of political party control of the Central Bank of the difference to the exchange rate, which has achieved He has won billions of dollars. "

He said Chalabi, said that corruption exists in the long - term contracts, and there is a lack of understanding of the financial methods at hand.

Sudden death ..

There is speculation in the news of his death on November 3, 2015 , which form at the time a huge shock Iraqi political circles, and his family , which announced the very first moment that the death process orchestrated and planned the murder, because he was not suffering from any disease or health symptoms, and therefore rushed the family to the assigned to the US Institute of Medicine in New York , the diagnosis of the cause of death , especially after the Iraqi government was quick to say in an official statement that the cause of death was a heart attack.

The US report, (6) who handed to his daughter Tamara Chalabi, pointed out that the cause of death was dealt a dose of poison tucked his coffee before he died six hours, which led to complications and clotting severe blood and then stroke and cardiac arrest and death directly.

Chalabi , 71, was found dead at his ranch north of Baghdad, on Tuesday, and was buried Friday morning in the holy city of Kadhimiya, north of the capital, officials and Iraqi lawmakers said he died of a heart attack, he raised his death, but his death has raised a storm of questions and speculation that he was killed because of the outstanding issues that were covered in flags, which has known during his presidency of the parliamentary Committee of Finance, which monitors the policies and mechanisms of exchange Malian government outlets, and the annual budget between the financial and other related laws.

A number of Iraqi lawmakers Chalabi, gathers information and gain achieved in the non - financial issues of the project , which affects many prominent Iraqi political figures and foreign government.

Sources close to Chalabi was "investigating the activities of private banks in Iraq , " and suspected of involvement in these banks , money - laundering operations that have been long - term financing of terrorist groups operating in Iraq.

She added that Chalabi was about to reveal the names of these banks, along with officials and politicians , foreigners and prominent Iraqis who took part in the operation, and it was Chalabi, threatened, before his death, to reveal details of secret documents from the Iraqi oil smuggling to Iran. (7)

As for the Iraqis, it was not able to , so much only link between sudden death and what he was about revealing details about the "dollar gangs" which warned of the consequences of condoning their activities in another of his meetings televised.

In the interview , which was conducted a month before his death, Chalabi said that the media campaign against him and threats against would not prevent him from "access to reservoirs of corruption and expose the gangs , " which accounted for the wealth of the people, a special mention "Dollar gangs", which some influential people in the Iraqi Central Bank and some private banks, who have won a lot of money by buying the dollar at low prices and the smuggling of hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country, as Genoa during the three years , 10 trillion and 880 billion Iraqi dinars , to say the least.

And Cder Chalabi embezzlement operations are poisonous seed that grew the tree of corruption , including an empty shelter by some people with great wealth and political influence broad, and reap the shoddy simple Iraqi citizen , who does not find a bit conquer hunger or a ceiling veiled its fruit. He said Chalabi Lachey protects the country from falling into an economic abyss and social unless effective "real action wisely and quickly" to eradicate the roots of the financial and administrative corruption . (8)

Matt Chalabi or killed, but expose corrupt files and documents still exist, and the Iraqis are still waiting for detection of those who commanded them Chalabi published if he hated him .... Or stay on to strangle her; for fear that the dollar enlist them in gangs sudden death?

Shatha Khalil

Unit Economic Studies

links Centre for Research and Strategic Studies

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