Parliamentary Finance directed the Rafidain and Rasheed facilitate the granting of loans to employees procedures

February 21, 2017 Iraq News ,

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Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed the need to facilitate the granting of loans to employees in accordance with the regulations and standards procedures.

The Commission said in a statement received by Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) "that the committee headed by MP Mohammed Halbusi Rasheed Bank and the Rafidain managers hosted in the presence of members of the Finance Committee, were discussed during the meeting banks plan to upgrade the reality banking and access to the application required for the work of international standards."

The statement added: "The committee directed the need to facilitate the granting of loans to employees and to adopt uniform standards and controls to ensure fairness and transparency for all staff away from special exceptions procedures."

The head of the Finance Committee to expedite the opening of bank branches in the districts and towns liberated in Anbar province and other provinces and re-staff to work in these branches to provide banking services to the people of those cities and the return of life and stability.