Maliki relationship .. Transparency International: Islamic state will never be defeated

one hour ago

Twilight News TI / she said that he could never defeat the Islamic State organization unless it is to deal with the corrupt conditions that will help the organization to grow and stretch.

He accused the report of the Organization Western governments, including the United Kingdom and America, of ignoring corruption a major catalyst leads to the spread of terrorism, especially in the Middle East.

The organization calls on these governments to press more strongly in order to ensure accountability with respect to military budgets.

The report comes as the Iraqi forces are moving towards Mosul, the main stronghold of the organization of the Islamic state in Iraq.

The report, which was released titled "big catalyst", said that the organization used to spread corruption radicalization and recruitment, presenting himself as a treatment for corruption while trying to cover the activities of dishonest.

" A real security threat , " said Catherine Dixon, director of defense and security program at Transparency International, said that corruption is the cry that brings out supporters organization and style of his major work.

And he warned that "failure to accommodate it undermines efforts to address the rise of violent extremism."

Dixon said " the international community is making tremendous efforts to counter the 'ideology' groups such as the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, focusing on the religious discourse resonant issued by these groups, but it completely ignores the physical conditions that thrive in them."

And it identifies the international organization, which is campaigning against corruption in the government, through its own research a number of ideas used by the organization of the Islamic state to recruit supporters.

In social networking platforms, the organization emphasizes the systemiccorruption, including nepotism and bribery, while offering himself as capable of providing security, justice and well - being, according to FAO.

The organization also feeds the sense of discrimination among the Sunni groups, it promoted because the West and its allies are complicit in corruption.

The organization says it Moreover, corruption materially weakened some of the troops, such as the Iraqi army, which was not found to have a sufficient number of troops to fight Islamic organization Dalla when he began the attack on Mosul because thousands paid Raotb but they do not actually work.

Dixon warns that this means that without treatment the problem of corruption, will not defeat the organization of the Islamic state on the upper level.

She added that "it is not just the closure of corruption channels that increase the ability of the daily operations of groups like al - Islamic state but to rethink relations with the likes of Mubarak (Egypt), and Gaddafi (Libya), and al - Maliki (in Iraq) , who will appear in the future . "

Dixon asserts that " the real security threat of corruption, and more than just the way followed by the elite to fill their pockets. Governments are corrupt, in the end, it is stoking the anger of the people and undermine the institutions, the architect of the security crises."