Rafidain Bank conditions for opening an account for a minor and the blind


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rafidain Bank, announced Tuesday, all put certain conditions to open an account in dinars or US dollar for the minor and the blind and the illiterate and women veiled face.

The bank said in a statement that "the economy News" received a copy of the "conditions of opening an account for a minor is a passport to the Crown forced or his" father right and grandfather, father and grandfather right tutors Alghebrean for their children and grandchildren minors or his agent to open an account without having to be subject to the permission of the competent court which authorized open an account and deposit and withdraw money. "

He said he had "chosen guardian and guardian and without any hesitation and values ​​or their agents may open an account on behalf of a minor encounter highlight any of the following legal documents authenticated by the competent court as appropriate an argument and the argument Agaymomh Commandments."

He added that the bank "may open a savings of illiterate or blind person account, if known by the bank and a signature footprint thumbs with two witnesses known to the bank in front of the branch manager or administrator for a savings account by a Director on the aggregated two copies of the filming."

He said that the bank "may open a savings account for women face after excavating provide full terms of the definition."