Iraq needs to root out corruption and comprehensive developmental plans

2/21/2017 0:00

Iraq possesses human wealth is almost unique, where the community described the young man and the most important elements of sustainable economic development , especially if we know that there are countries human resources only enables you to make an influential economic bloc in the world.

Many challenges stand in front of young people and their role in the march of development stop then good for the economy and ambitious young people through dialogue symposium organized by the Independent Organization for the Development of students and young people in collaboration with the Baghdad Economic Forum and carried the title of young people between the jaws of corruption and unemployment.

Zaid al - Rubaie , head of the organization ran a seminar and said that there should be programs to invest human capital direction that serves the country 's economy and achieve overcome the challenges that stand in front of them, especially a year he added to the local work force of hundreds of thousands of people in various disciplines.

Young people

, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that Iraq is the young people , and indicators show that 80 percent of Iraqis born after 1980, pointing to the importance of attention to this slide , which is a fortune can be the basis of sustainable development hub.

The many countries of the world lacks the human capital of young and there are communities called aging Nations such as Germany, Japan and Norway.

Saleh Li noted the importance that there be incentives to work in the private sector for future Kaldmanat most important of which pension rights, stressing that it contributes effectively to reduce the demand for government jobs, and the government can not double the number of employees in the future and budget 2017 do not contain the employment allocations only on a very narrow range.

Lack of planning

either senior agent of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Faleh Hadi al - Amiri , said the "morning" that unemployment rates rose during the period due to lack of planning to revive the labor market by working hard in cooperation with international organizations to be activated.

He noted that the absence of the private sector labor market is the toughest challenges, noting that revive addresses this problem, pointing to the importance of the ministries that have specialized role in the activation of the labor market after it missed by careful planning and proper execution.

Amiri said a change in the Social Security Act be in favor of private sector employees, noting that the pension system , social security and old and are working to modify them according to a new pneumonia along with benefit from the experiences of other countries that have succeeded in this detailed, adding that the international dictations have limited some of the paragraphs which includes all employees outside the sector

And that in the province of Maysan has become a search for a difficult work to the presence of the growth in the labor market forces, noting that one dollar spending drives 15 sectors Sanda.

Security challenges

governor of Baghdad , Ali al - Tamimi said the "morning" that the province began preparation for the investment conference focuses on agricultural and industrial productivity investments, our headquarters that the need to overcome the security challenges, mismanagement, corruption and the detection of preparing a plan that includes more than 450 projects in Baghdad and in the nature of production and service projects but we faced obstacles the lack of budget, which called us to adopt a style of transfers and we have implemented more than 200 projects, stressing that since 2014-2017 we do not get investment allocations.

Tamimi confirmed the existence of specialized international companies can operate on credit and the movement of the labor market and to attract young people to various terms of reference and working at interest rates 2 percent and can be lowered to 1 percent , but because of bureaucracy and corruption did not attend to Baghdad to carry out projects.

He said that corruption can not build a state, demanding Bstratejah integrated to fight it .

Retaining expertise

either Vice - President of the Commission of Economy and Alastosmaralgnapeh Harith al - Harthy pointed out that young people 's presence in the Department of Labor necessity But besides retaining the expertise, pointing out that the Ministry of Planning and missed the most important experiences over the past five years, comprising 15 experts today where one expert.

He noted that corruption goes profiteers and must work towards choosing the right person in the right place.

He pointed to the many economic organize conferences here and asked officials to participate in these conferences until the end to take the idea and the reality of the situation and the solutions put by experts and interested parties.

International institution

in turn , the economic head of Baghdad forum Faris Salman Asher said the Iraq problem lies in the lack of resources management is economically viable, revealing that the international institution ranked countries in the world by wealth came Iraq IX to the world, either in the volume of wealth per kilogram per square proportion to the population Iraq came first, and here it is clear the size of the administrative problem and a failure to follow the correct resources investment plans in the country.

He cautioned that Iraq threatened demographically , where the Ministry of Planning data show population growth offset by declining

He urged the need for the trend towards social market economy, pointing out that the countries that have adopted the free market unrestrained collapsed, which makes us to embrace the free market and social theory which has achieved success in the important economic blocks such as Germany.

He stressed the need to determine the identity of the Iraqi economy and out of the chaos that permeated the joints of the local economy, and wondered about the lack of real development in Iraq safe areas in the south and center.

He called on youth organizations organized seminars aimed at cemented youth and build loyalty to the country to build a strong society, especially that one of the pillars of national security , social security, and the achievement of sustainable development requires human capital investment and the creation of a secure environment protected by the army and integrates its national security.

Fair distribution

Vice President Baghdad forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine said: We need a fair distribution of wealth ensures the rights of all, pointing out that the annual output of universities of young people ranging between 400-500 thousand students put into the labor market.

And it demanded the reduction of parasitic activity of the private sector who invests his money outside Iraq, indicating that domestic investment is important and that the construction of housing units occupies 67 employees.

Productive relationships

Sheikh Mohammed Baqir al - Suhail stressed the importance of Iraq and that actually work to address the economic problems to relieve various segments of society, stressing the importance of building productive relations with all the peoples of the world and the positive impact on Iraq and contribute in activating the first of the agricultural sector , which is the oil always.

Young , in turn , raised in a brief talk their problems in daily life and the difficulty of obtaining a job , even though they have a scientific and practical qualifications.