A call to adjust the tariff mechanisms

2/21/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Suha Shaykhli
represents campus Customs important focus in supporting the economy of the country it represents a gateway to enter the actual need of the market, as the pride of fiscal revenue, and here require the need for attention to these areas and adjust their working mechanisms in a way that supports the local industry , where the private industry meet the needs of the market by 70 percent , but now it does not clog only 10 to 20 percent , with the knowledge that the Iraqi industry is a good industry.

Industrial expert Hashim Thanon Atraqchi said that Resolution No. 45 issued by the Government of the CPA , which identified the tariff put 5 percent on all goods imported then called graphic reconstruction of Iraq has been canceled according Tariff Law in force, as were canceled Tariff No. 77 for the year 1955.

Eminent voices industrialists to demand to activate the current tariff proper form and the laws of other consumer product such as the protection of national and, where previously organized a demonstration in Firdous Square in 2009 to commemorate the tariffs and to support the national industry.

Atraqchi He noted that the industrial reality the private, mixed and cooperative sector after 2003 affected by the opening of the border on imports which led, as a corollary, to the deterioration of industries by 90 percent and the remaining ten for Craft Industries, while the food industry has taken to back down on an ongoing basis, to its inability to compete with the product of foreign because commodity dumping, at a time when industrial reality , including mixed and cooperative hopes in the industry improved after 2003, but what happened was the opposite.

Atraqchi student follow - up funds to be allocated for imports and matching imported goods agree with lists of remittance by experts in order to preserve public funds and evaluate the business process.

He pointed out that in 2016 revenues totaled more than 400 billion dinars after the activation of the tariff , although the tariff law is exposed to great pressure, indicating that the revenue for the same outlets during the previous years , she was 500 million Danarvqt.

He said the increase in revenue realized after taking government scrutinizes the Law No. 22 on the customs tariff and activation.

He continued: After Sdoraleghanon shortened role Estimated where they are relying on the license included international code and the Customs item which , if introduced into the calculator will show customs duty issued by the World Trade Organization, said Atraqchi should be denied a customs at all border crossings.

Atraqchi shows that the tariff law No. 22 for the year 2010 included 500 thousand and a paragraph identified customs duty for all goods coming into Iraq, but this law did not apply the proper form to the presence of the violations.

He suggested Atraqchi solution so that the separate security authorities for customs and security authorities does not interfere the work of customs and be campus Customs is a factor in the ports to ensure the safety of the goods.

He said the tariff if properly used will be running on more than 50 to 60 percent of the projects and will reduce unemployment and will work on the maintenance of society from the consequences of unemployment and its impact on society.