Parliament resumes its meeting tomorrow to vote and discussion of a number of laws
02:51 | Baghdad
Resumes the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, its vote and discussion of a number of draft laws.
According to media Parliament in a statement it received "direction Press" , a copy of the agenda of the meeting for tomorrow includes the completion of voting on the draft Union of Iraqi academics law and vote on the draft law amending the slogan of the Republic of Iraq and stamped No. (85) for the year 1965.
He added that the meeting also will include a vote on the proposal ownership of low - income residential land law and an oral question addressed to the Minister of Water Resources and display committee only report from the defense about the security situation and operations editor of Mosul.
He said he will be presented the first reading of the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (1631) for the year 1980 in addition to a report of the Health and Environment Committee regarding radioactive contamination in the slaughter area and thirst (Pacific market) and view a report and discuss the draft of the Ministry of Defence Act report and discuss the accession of the Republic of Iraq illegal projects the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 and the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the identity documents sailors agreement No. (185) for the year 2003 .
The discussion of the proposed Second Amendment to the Law of the Independent Higher Commission for Elections Law No. (11) for the year 2007 quarterly report and presentation activity of the Integrity Committee .