Central bank: apologize for the opening of new outlets to sell the dollar and announces the launch of Contractors bonds
Economy News / Baghdad ...
Announced the central bank governor, Ali Ismail Keywords, that next March, will be the date for the launch of contractors bonds, and among the bank has no intention to open new outlets to sell the dollar, it was revealed that the banks, Rafidain and Rasheed Commercial Bank (TBI) government foreign exchange company will be established.
Keywords and he said in a press conference held at the Central Bank building and attended "Economy News" that the central bank, is to suggest that there would be bonds for contractors who have money owed by the state, but because of financial distress, the government apologize for the payment of these funds, and can be paid in the form of bonds The interest rate is good.

He added that those bonds dues contractors for projects already executed for ministries and government departments, is now the Diwan of financial control for scrutiny, and we expect that there is a definitive answer by the International Monetary Fund, the Board of Control for launch during the month of March.

He pointed Keywords, to the banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, commercial Iraq (TBI), is working to establish a foreign exchange company to enter into competition with other companies, and it would work similar to the work of the exchange companies to the private sector, but it is largely powered by us.

He pointed out that the bank is trying to make there is structured in the process of selling the dollar for the beneficiaries and open multiple outlets for the sale of a "sufficient", at the present time, but do not think that there is the intention at the present time to open more outlets. https://economy-news.net/content.php?id=6761