US Defense Secretary: We do not intend to seize Iraqi oil*
By Roudao one hour ago

Roudao - Erbil
The Minister of Defense James Mattis, said on Monday that his country does not intend to seize Iraqi oil, so to distance himself from the remarks of President Donald Trump raised the ire of Iraq 's leaders.

Said Mathis, in a press release as he arrived on a surprise visit to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, is the first since he took office about a month ago: "I think we are all in America pay for what we get from the gas and oil, and I'm sure we will continue to so in the future."

He added that "the United States is not present in Iraq to seize oil one."

In January, Trump said in a speech to CIA employees (CIA): "We had to keep the oil (Iraq). But .. Well maybe you will have another chance," he said, adding: "We do not steal anything. We are working to compensate for ourselves, then at least We'll import only $ 1.5 trillion, which have to be spent in our war in Iraq, but I am, I hope, in more. "

And ongoing western side of the connector fight, Mathis said in his remarks today: "We have to show full awareness and good knowledge of what we face, and in the framework of our common efforts to eliminate terrorism."

Mathis arrived in Baghdad today, coming from the United Arab Emirates, the visit coincides with the second day of the start of operations edit the west side of the city of Mosul, which the United Nations estimates the number of occupants by about 800 thousand people.