Parliamentary Economy: Amendment to apply for small business loans, the terms (Extended)

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A commission parliamentary Economy and Investment, on Monday, all the stakeholders loans small business studies to reconsider the conditions of applying for loans, indicating the reluctance of citizens to apply.

He said committee member Najiba Najib SMC / balances News /, "The support for small, medium and large enterprise initiative was a proposal of the Commission of Economy and Parliamentary investment, after extensive dialogues study with stakeholders the decision was made to grant industrial and agricultural bank Trliunyen each, to support these projects and by a total benefit of 4% and 2% for banks and 2% imposed by the central bank on the banks. "

She pointed out that "these projects support excellent step for the advancement of the economic reality of the country, and preceded us by the states tried and succeeded to build a strong economy such as Malaysia and Singapore and was able to develop its economy through small businesses."

She suggested that "the Iraqi citizen suffers from a lack of employment and the local economy is weak, and these projects have a significant role by providing employment opportunities until the trading funds internally, citizen benefit banks and the central bank and the state."

The central bank had announced earlier, opening the door to apply for loans to finance small, medium and large enterprises, for many conditions, including the provision of guarantors guarantors of civil servants or bond houses and the identity of the Chamber of Commerce and others.

With this move has been the reluctance of citizens for the introduction to her, describing her conditions prohibitive and is possible, said the citizen (A.m) for / balances News /, that "after learning about the loans to finance small projects was very happy and began treatment rendering them but I discovered that the conditions very difficult and it is possible to provide tumbled this step. "

She said a member of the economic and investment commission Najiba Najib, said that "Dealing with these loans require measures that would ensure the success of this project within the committees on mechanisms," pointing out that "the banks had a fear of this step because of the experiences of previous years where they gave loans to citizens and did not recover, It is for this bank and set conditions and controls many instructions to reduce this phenomenon, to ensure the recovery of funds ", hinting that they" discovered the reluctance of citizens for the introduction, this study began to modify these conditions. "

Najib noted, to "blow the collapse of oil prices impacted negatively on the state budget, but it was an incentive for specialists to study the reconstruction of the economic and investment Stratejyatem to build a strong economy, and economic and investment commission supports these steps."

She stressed the Kurdish MP that "loans from the Reserve Central Bank by 6 trillion dinars, presumably to obtain all the sons of the Iraqi people's share of them, including the sons of the Kurdistan region," afterthought that "must open the internal market and expanded, for example, as the dates product did not find in Basra market it in all governorates of Iraq will not be utilized something, you should open up markets in the provinces to each other and move the domestic economy to include its returns everyone. "

She stressed that "the economic and investment commission discussed a paragraph modifying loan terms with the industrial, commercial and agricultural real estate and bank managers, as well as Chairman of the loans, they are in the process of simplifying the procedures" .anthy / 29