Poppy3 Chat - May 20th
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    Poppy3 Chat - May 20th

    9:00 PM [poppy3] yes lots of bogus stuff .. and remember i leaked the meeting they held today and it was supposed to be a private or secret meeting. Well the result of that meeting are being held very secret. Hold on this is very critical aquiring confirmation and also getting facts. We will unravell the intel and work on finding the facts ASAP. Try not to get sucked up into the rumors. FACTS FOR TODAY WILL APEER TOMORROW it has been that way for a good while and this today meeting should have great results. It won’t surprise me if they don’t wait a week – which could be the reason for the “unnamed” thingy. The smoke trail doesn’t look to be for us BGG said this yesterday and it is so true I agree with him completely. GRACE IS ON THE THROWN AND WE ARE ALL TREMENDOUS WINNERS POPPY3
    9:06 PM [poppy3] glryan11 no body said a week ??????????? where and why do peeps want to paint the worst case senario with every bit of information. guys i have fainth in my lord jesus that i am a winner and i always have been since i started following his word and trying to maintain my eligibility to recieve from him. never place your thoughts in a state of negative HE ISN'T EVER NEGATIVE WITH YOU OR YOUR SITUATION he wants you to prosper. GODS LOVE TO ALL POPPY3
    9:30 PM [poppy3] all is well queen is fixing supper finally we will eat. AS I WAS SAYING we are and will be in the winners circle and BGG and Myself from information and yes some of it isn't confirmed as yet but all shows we are moving faster than e have towards our Blessing than we have in 3 years. I know it is hard to continue to ne patient but man I been waiting on my son to get up and talk to me for 26 years so this wait is nothing. You turn you faith to GOD and then you feed it with his word and nothing can stop you. I wish I could talk to all of you for a couple hours and tell you my story and how GOD has blessed me for years . Some day perhaps I can and I promise you will be shocked. ok i am going to get supper . STAY positive and stay happy . POPPY3

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    I so admire your tremendous faith in our Lord Jesus Christ... May He grant your heart felt desire to see your son open his eyes and call out to you... You are such an inspiration to me and my wife... I can't begin to express how in lifts my heart to hear you laugh and pray... It helps us get through our many struggles as we wait on the Lord's blessing...

    God bless you dear Sir,


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