US - Iranian strife effects and surprises

 Baghdad / Zahra al-Jassem
 isolates two - thirds of world reserves ... and perhaps cause the rise of oil to $ 100
once the war of words between Washington and Tehran began, so the oil market seemed more troublesome, which could legitimize the idea of burning the market for political ends, and in the time of financial advisor sees the servants that in the event of intensified that strife limit the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, Iraq would be half of the affected groups, but asserts that Iran is the smartest of would go through the game of Hormuz.
Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, can not be said to know how much will change naval doctrine of the United States of America in the Straits of the Gulf and the Red Sea in a scenario face the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and areas of influence strategy in the Middle East, Vtmddha maritime doctrine of military, Qaiman at the expense of the threat to close the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf at any military confrontation with the West.
Financial advisor and he adds the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview with the (range), but closed it strait does not mean , in essence, only the siege of oil self entirely to Iran and the countries bordering the Gulf , which does not hold paths to export Nfotha only through traffic so strait, which will lead to the equation military oil contradictory can shorten or lengthened.
It continues, and the outbreak of the war and the closure of the Strait of Hormuz scenario, does not mean , in essence , only to crash or tumble important supply the global oil market by 20% of the oil exported to world markets, adding two - thirds of global oil reserves in the circle of war and tension to isolate, as well as stop or the withdrawal of other international oil investment from that region, then the low oil production growth in the world.
And bridge, which means that oil prices Stlthb again to more than $ 100 per barrel , and when that opportunity will be conducive to the prosperity of the US and Canadian oil markets to maximize shale oil production Stsug high new production cost price, to be the Middle East's oil - producing traditional, especially Iran is the loser only because of the naval blockade.
And it continues to benefit, while Iraq and because of the lack of alternatives exports except Mosul pipeline from Kirkuk fields of Kurdistan to Ceyhan, it would be half the affected group, and Iran , the smartest of the fighting game of Hormuz , no matter how much tension or the logic of the Cold War between them and Washington.
Experts affairs , oil, economic, describing the escalation of the media between America and Iran without studied by Trump, he can not ignite a war in any place without the authorization of Congress and US Senate, argued at the same time that Iraq is still not qualified to accept external economic shocks due to weak domestic economy and adopt absolutely on the import of goods and services with no development.
Oil expert Hamza Jeweler For his part , see, it's hard to describe the media hyping between America and Iran, what Iran is doing just responses to the fiery statements of Trump, it may be well thought out , as usual before he was elected president of the United States.
He adds in an interview (range), but despite the convulsive reactions of politicians Iranians, but they are well aware that Trump either mentally abnormal or that he deliberately frighten Iran so as not to provide the work could be considered the folly of it.
Continues Jeweler, there are a lot of funny contradictions that do Trump during the several weeks of the days of his rule, how incredible the Iranians or the Chinese have threatened them, persisting in saying so, oil prices disorder , in fact, has nothing to do statements Trump, but procurement hectic oil surplus in the market before applying the oil production cut by the producers deal.
He continues, that these operations addressed by the speculators will continue for a few more months to dry up excess quantities of oil to return stability to the markets and stabilize at an acceptable level a price of oil, the OPEC meeting before the middle of this year.
And it refers Jeweler to, the US state of institutions, aware that much of Iraq to be a neighbor of Iran 's powerful for him, also signed with the United States a long - term strategic agreement, and he must be respected, so Iraq will not be affected by political Balzwaba especially as he fights terrorism strongly on behalf of the from the world.
And it asserts, that the Trump long and capable of taking tough decisions institutions which are not in his hand, but is instruct him to make decisions, and can not ignite a war anywhere in the world, without the mandate of the two chambers, the Congress and the Senate, and such a war does not will them to take any the decision by the two chambers.
Competent energy affairs and the economy Dergham Mohammed Sadiq says, that the oil market was not practically affected by mutual declarations between Iran and the United States in the absence of signs of military movement, and the movement of oil prices remain subject to factors previous acting like the United States reserves the seasons demand and agreements to cut production, while There is now threatening the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz.
It shows sincere in an interview (range) is unlikely to be an escalation between Trump and politicians Iran to reach the levels take a military character and perhaps the prospect of sanctions may be in the case has been set aside the nuclear deal , which seems to be unsatisfactory for Israel , which tends Trump Kvtha in dealing international positions.
He continues, but in the case of the renewal of oil sanctions on Iran, Saudi Arabia they may return to the policy of raising the output of which will affect the prices negatively again, to the detriment of the producing countries, including Iraq, which will generate has put pressure on the foreign currency, Iran is the fact that compensate their stockpiles of currency by encouraging deposit in their banks high interest rate and increase trade exchange and encourage the influx of more tourists Iraqis.
And bridge honest, but in case the scenario of a military confrontation, the closure of the Strait of Hormuz may hinder global oil supplies , which is pushing Iraq to the Options export through Turkey and Jordan, but in all cases , Iraq is still not qualified to accept external economic shocks due to weak domestic economy and adopt absolutely on the import of goods and services without the presence of development.
Wondering observers of the Iraqi political affair, it is however the possibility that exceed Media strife between Trump Iranian Islamic Republic, direct military actions, it can towards them that Iraq stands neutral on according to the hypothesis make its economy more robust and stable, or will have to be involved in a confrontation with one of the parties to the conflict. ?