Barzani: We demand the Iraqi parliament to proceed with oil and gas law as soon as

[11:38] 12/May/20

Side of the conference - Biamunir image - the photographer Ahmed Hzan

Erbil, May 20 / May (PNA) - called the Kurdistan Regional Government President Barzani Iraq, Sunday, Iraqi Council of Representatives legislation the law of oil and gas as soon as possible, considering that natural resources should be used to secure a decent living for citizens.
This came in a speech Barzani during the energy conference held in Arbil, the first day, and attended by the agency Biamunir news.
He said Barzani, "We hope to become a wealth of natural reason to secure a decent living for all peoples of Iraq, and the advent of Turkish energy minister to Kurdistan evidence of the depth of bilateral relations between the region and Turkey, and we we can use the energy to secure a decent living for our citizens and not for wars."
He pointed out that "Turkey is now the largest partner and investor in the region, and we are delighted to enter our relations with them in a new phase in the field of energy, and we highly appreciate this relationship, based on the Iraqi constitution, we will continue our policy and our work in the field of oil, Venaft and gas province will have an important role in securing energy in the world. "
"During the past five years we have taken steps to correct and well thought out in the field of oil, and the best proof of this is the evolution in the Kurdistan region, and demand that the legislation is the law of oil and gas in the Iraqi Council of Representatives as soon as possible in order to deal with the oil region, in accordance with the law and the Constitution" .
The Barzani in his speech, the Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to the constitution-General of the country, saying that "this commitment will be the basis for a better acceptor of Iraq and the Kurdistan region."