Kurdistan region is expected to export oil through a new pipeline by August 2013

20/05/2012 13:45

Erbil, May 20 (Rn) - The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, on Sunday, said that the Kurdistan region is expected to start exporting oil from fields through a new pipeline up to the Turkish border, at the completion of the D-line in August 2013.

And there is a dispute between Kurdistan and the federal government in Baghdad over control of the country's oil, as Baghdad says the Iraqi central government is solely responsible for the oil exports.

Quoted (Reuters) by the Minister Ashti Hawrami, as saying at a news conference in Kurdistan "in August 2013, we will export oil directly from the fields of the Kurdistan region. And we will be responsible for the export of oil. And will continue to Iraqi oil."
The Kurdistan region has stopped last April crude exports because of Baghdad's failure to pay dues agreements companies operating in the region, leading to aggravation of the dispute for a long time between the two sides.