A new initiative to resolve the crisis

19/05/2012 0:00

Welcomed by the Kurdistan .. And chest reveals a recent meeting to discuss the current situation
Baghdad - morning
resulted in the movements of President Jalal Talabani and his meetings with political leaders from the initiative of a new work, counting the Kurdistan Alliance "gateway" to resolve the crisis. With the renewal of the National Alliance to emphasize the importance of the letter of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and his commitment to take over the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the head of a national partnership, revealed Mr. Sadr for meeting to be held soon to discuss the current situation. said a presidential statement received "morning," a copy of it, "President Talabani called on all parties to make the interests of the country and its citizens above any interest or other consideration.

" The statement continued, , that in light of consultations of the President of the Republic with the political leaders, has been invited to the
1 - to stop media campaigns mutual,
2 - adoption of the Constitution as a reference and a commitment to the Convention on Arbil,
3 - Commitment to the principle of partnership in the management of power,
4 - to ensure the independence of the system-election,
5 - the referral of cases for determining the courses serve senior government officials to the House of Representatives,
6 - stick hard to the principle of separation of powers,
7 - to support and strengthen all the institutions that ensure the independence of the development of democracy,
8 - to complete the implementation of the commitments set forth in the Constitution and the adoption of laws and legislation, the basic necessary such as oil and gas law.

"In the first response to the initiative, said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Shawn Muhammad Taha (morning) for support of its mass to the initiative of President Talabani, said that the initiative is pushing for resolving the outstanding issues. and met the President yesterday evening, secretary general of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri, and exchanged views on the ideas put forward in meetings to develop a national project agreed upon by everyone and was Talabani met with both Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, head of the National Alliance, and Dr. Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress leader, Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, in addition to the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey. the center of this picture, denied the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr received any response from the National Alliance on his message so far.
Mr. Sadr in response to a question from one of his supporters on receiving a response from the National Alliance on his letter: "I did not received no response from the brothers in the National Alliance at all, "asserting that" the meeting will be held soon to finalize the project's national and democratic. "The political sources have revealed for the direction of the National Alliance message to the leaders of the meeting of Irbil consultation. but the Iraqi List, said non-receipt of replies Alliance. as the spokesman for the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Omid morning that the Presidency of the province had not seen so far on the content of a National Alliance. However, the head of the Virtue parliamentary Ammar Tohme said that the Alliance will follow the protocol formally informed the leaders of political forces on the response.
He also noted the presence of coordination between President Jalal Talabani and President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari to hold meetings with leaders of the blocks in preparation for a meeting of the three presidencies in the next few days.