Details arrested Mtherbh from the payment of customs duties from one border gates with Iran trucks !!

12-02-2017 02:39 PM

East News -

Said an inspector of the Ministry of Finance Office, on Sunday, arresting employees of the Customs Department admitted trucks 'Mtherbh' from the payment of customs duties from one of the border crossings with Iran.

The office said in a statement, that has taken the necessary adjusts the range of trucks laden with goods measures (galvanized iron and pottery and food items) Zurbatiyah entered through the border port in Wasit province , without the payment of customs duties.

The statement, that he ' has been changed and described the iron is galvanic to evade the payment of customs duties', adding that 'the arrest of a group of civil customs personnel and the codification of statements of the offenders in cooperation with the competent judicial authorities and take Almqtadhah legal proceedings'.