Jaafari, Maliki calls for the settlement of his differences with the Sadrists, fearing the collapse of the National Alliance
Posted 19/05/2012 07:57 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
the president of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari coalition of law and Zaamah Nuri al-Maliki to settle his differences with the Sadrist movement led by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and the rejection of escalation between the two parties to keep the unit cohesion of the alliance, which leads the current government, and to avoid the possibility of its collapse.

An earlier meeting of the National Alliance headed by Jaafari and Maliki to attend

He Edovi National Alliance leader of the Reform Movement, led by al-Jaafari said the call: "included the need to respond to the demands of the Sadrists passage of the amnesty law, and resolving to choose a candidate of the National Alliance for the post of Minister of the Interior, and stay away from open old files affect the figures and symbols of an Iraqi national for the purpose of political gain in favor of one party or another and resolve the outstanding issues between the two sides to maintain the cohesion of the Alliance. "
The source, who declined to be named, said the coming days will witness the announcement of a unified position to the National Alliance, "includes procedures to address the political crisis in preparation for the National Conference was held in response to the invitation of President Jalal Talabani,"
As a result of a rift widens between the Sadrists and the rule of law, the prominent figures of the coalition mediating between the parties, including Ahmed Chalabi, Abdul Karim Anzi, Jamal Jaafar Mohammed known as Abu Mahdi Mohandes, to maintain the unity of the alliance of a possible collapse due to differing positions between its components.
With the continued political crisis in Iraq, against the backdrop of disabling agreement Arbil, and disable National Conference emerged calls for withdraw confidence from the current government, and adopted the Sadrists with the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance this trend to ensure the future of democracy, and the success of the political process.