Iraq: the political situation will not settle in the country unless the Constitution is amended
24/10/2011 10:40

Erbil, October 24 (Rn) - The spokesman for the Iraqi List, Monday, the existing efforts to make amendments to the Constitution with the consent of all the Iraqi political blocs, stressing that the political situation in the country will not settle unless the Constitution is amended.

During the referendum which took place on the Iraqi constitution in October 15 / Akrudolf 2005 in all parts of Iraq, and in which 63% of the total population covered by the referendum, made 78% of them agreeing to the Constitution.

He said Haider Mulla, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the political situation in Iraq will not stay stable at all until the amendments to the Constitution of the country, because the Constitution should be consistent with the normal situation of Iraq, not to be in the interest of some of the blocs and political parties."

He added by saying "Although the formation of a specialized committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to amend the constitution, and the work was done in the legislative session years, but those acts were not serious, so do the Iraqi List, efforts towards amending the Iraqi constitution, according to the demands of the people, and with the consent of all the political parties. "

He said the Mulla, "it was in the last legislative session to form a special committee to rewrite the constitution, and should have been the end of the work of the constitutional amendments within four months, but this was not because of political conflicts in the country."

He said: "Because of the existence of reservoirs imbalance and lack of many in the Iraqi Constitution, the marginalization of the parties to a political mission in the country, while confirming that the Constitution not to the legitimacy of any political party of the uniqueness of power, and accordingly, this matter generates negative results, and is at the same time violation the political rights of the parties. "

And on the expectations of the Iraqi List, to tell how the situation in Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal, Mulla said that "Iraqi List, welcomes the American position, but because of a security vacuum in Iraq, neighboring countries and the region will seize the opportunity to intervene in the internal affairs of political and security of Iraq, and thus the responsibility of the stage after the U.S. withdrawal is the responsibility of all parties. "

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed on 23 August 2011, that the current Iraqi government and the Iraqi constitution built on the basis of national and sectarian, and as pointed out that the Constitution guarantees "mines began to explode, not rights," he called to modify it to achieve the state of citizenship and the adoption of the basis of national belonging and the nation away from the rest of the spectrum.

The academics, specialists and political analysts called, in the 13 April 2011, to re-formulate the majority of the paragraphs of the Iraqi Constitution and modified because of its defects, considering it the cause of the majority of the political differences that has plagued Iraq, while called a media writing a new constitution because the existing " is adjustable. "