Electrodes: Maliki "troubled" triple convergence .. And seeks to strike it in various ways
On: Friday 18/05/2012 14:26

Baghdad (news) .. MP said / the coalition in Iraq / edited by electrodes, said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sought to strike the rapprochement between the Sadrists and the Kurds and the Iraqi List, stressing that the Sadrist movement has a mass following, did not get on its merits, and the convergence of the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan Sajlh get these benefits.
said electrodes (for the Agency news) Friday: that al-Maliki "troubled", of this convergence and seeks various ways to beat him, believing that Maliki knows the size of the Sadrist movement and can not play with him a paper the other. He pointed out: that the supporters Sadrists and the audience close to the public of Iraq, with respect to the detainees, and services and the provision of housing, and this is the most important causes of convergence among them. predicted electrodes: Maliki's failure to strike the convergence trio, noting that al-Maliki arrived at the conviction that the convergence between these blocks of the three, began to evolve differently from the past and some Shiite political forces will join him to support the national project in Iraq is threatening its survival in power now and in the future. / End / 33. n. r /