Iraq: 7 stations to transmit power for implementation during the current year
24/10/2011 16:04

Baghdad, October 24 / October (Rn) - The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity said on Monday it has referred seven projects to local and foreign companies to build power stations in a number of provinces during the current year in its efforts to provide energy to the citizens.

The electricity sector is suffering in Iraq in general from a lack of energy production due to what has happened in the stations and transport networks of major damage when the invasion of the country in 2003, and the subsequent acts of vandalism.

The power outage at the top of the demands of citizens who go out almost weekly demonstrations to demand the continuous provision of public services.

He said the ministry spokesman Musab al-teacher told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Ministry of Electricity and referred the seven projects to foreign companies and domestic for the establishment of power stations this year."

He explained that "The ministry forwarded the goods station in Karbala to the implementation of the 1250 megawatt generating station in Mosul Alekiarh capacity of 750 MW plant, the Jerusalem capacity of 500 MW."

He added that "The ministry also referred Alhaidariya station in the province of Najaf to generate 500 MW plant, the cane field in Anbar province, to generate 250 megawatts."

He said the teacher said, "the ministry also referred Wasit station to generate 610 MW, in addition to the development of Rumaila plant and expand production to 140 megawatts."

Iraq needs at least 14 000 MW to meet the high demand for energy, while what he has does not currently exceed seven thousand megawatts.

Iraqis depend on generators to address the continuing shortage of up to about 18 hours a day.