Top: the position of the Sadrist movement could break the closed circle Maliki and make it a strong competitor

17/05/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) confirmed the independent MP Hassan Alawi that the political conflict in Iraq has become a conflict blocks rather than a competitive politically, and Safa political blocs as teams look to their opponents that they just Kartat play. He said the top in a press statement: For me I did not once (outside the pitch), but as long as we have set plans for the team where I work to win in the competition, but it seems today that every political party has the President seen the other team like just balls and not the set of players in the face, a feature common to most of the political blocs in Iraq, until the conflict became conflict blocks and not competitive politically. He added that the reality of the case indicates that he is not a team is selected in particular is that deals only with the other teams in this way, but all the political blocs to deal with each other as if the other party is not the players but merely balls, evidence that the Prime Minister's visit Nuri al-Maliki to Kirkuk could have been welcomed by the Iraqi List, which was adopted in its election campaign on the fact that the province of Kirkuk, an Iraqi, but the list of Iraq is that volunteered to attack al-Maliki because of his contract a cabinet session in Kirkuk. He explained: As to the position of the Sadrist movement refers to the that there is a major development in the Iraqi political arena has not happened over the past years, opposition, the current is not opposition to Kurdish or opposition to the Iraqi List, and does not oppose the Accordance Front, but is opposed by the environment of the ruling is within the component Shiite, which is why I see that this opposition may be a strong competitor . He pointed out: that this competition could open gaps in the closed-circuit on the Prime Minister to open up the authority also to elements outside this inner circle, and I hope the Maliki also be noted that there is within his deputies or followers has become their mission is the only aggravate the political situation including the center does not serve as prime minister. said: that the Sadrist movement going in the mountain road, and so goes down, but it is moving towards the summit set for itself, and this is the nature of the route taken by the Sadrists to meet the expectations of their fans.

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