The central bank seeks to control the sale of the dollar and the reliance on the latest beneficiary got it
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Last updated 01/18/2017
- 10:43
A source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, that the bank will depend on the other beneficiaries in the process of selling the dollar, unlike in the present time , as explained that the instructions issued regarding currency aim sale to control the sale of the dollar window and find out the source of exchange he noted The new regulations require private banks to provide documentation showing where its sales of dollars and names of recipients
The source said that the instructions issued by the central bank about the currency goal of selling control of dollar selling window as well as knowledge of the source of the dollar stressing that It is for that relied on documents provided by private banks which show sales of the dollar and the recipients
The source explained that previously relied window sell the currency on the bills dealers offered to banks, who in turn submit them to the Central Bank of Iromon be obtained on the dollar, which, according to the Central Bank of the mostly not true ," adding that the bank wants the banks to prove who is the another beneficiary received on the dollar until the central bank can contact him at random and making sure picking on the currency