State law for the Kurdistan .. Who has the documents to "violate the Constitution" does not threaten announced by publishing

Palm - Islamic Dawa Party, expressed surprise at the threat of the Kurdistan Regional Government published secret documents related to matters of interest to the general political situation in Iraq, a clear condemnation of the party, noting that it has documents contrary to the Constitution declares, does not threaten published.

He explained one of the members of the Islamic Dawa Party, the Kurdistan Ageidaha embrace the Baghdad international conferences and international, in reference to Baghdad's willingness to host the talks (5 +1) on the Iranian nuclear file, while considered the deputies and members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the publication of documents that is part of the solution, refusing to that this threat is a breach of the strategic alliance between the Kurdish and national levels.

A spokesman for the presidency of the region of Kurdistan Omid morning announced that the provincial government will announce the documents to the public relating to agreements between Maliki and his party and his list with the region, or some secret documents on matters of interest to the general political situation in Iraq, calling Maliki's comments last they expressed their "malicious intent in it" .A member of the Islamic Dawa Party and the representative of the state of law Jabbar Kanani, said the brothers in Kurdistan Ageidahm embrace the Baghdad international conferences and international, when Baghdad was preparing for the establishment of the Arab summit we saw media statements that tried to create crises to obstruct the holding of the summit in Baghdad, adding that the threats of the provincial government comes in a time when Baghdad is preparing to host an international conference in which the Group of Five plus one for playing the role of mediator to resolve the Iranian nuclear file, and see that some people trying to stir up trouble and crises to obstruct the holding of this conference.

He asked Kanani, "who has the documents to what hidden? .. Why wait all this time?, Noting that hide documents describe as serious is the condemnation of them as a result covered up, however Kanani, saying that the Kurds have made sacrifices during the rule of the previous dictatorial regime and associated with us in fighting the former regime, and they have the positions of jihad, and embraced the opposition in the Covenant, he said, adding that it is trying to harm this relationship is non-Basir and unfortunate in these statements .. We are trying effort possible to build a dialogue in order to agree on a number of problems faced by the Federal Government with the Government of the Territory and I believe that the ruling in resolving crises is the Constitution.

He said the oil and gas law must be prescribed, and the issue of arming the Peshmerga should take place according to
the legal issue in line with the Constitution, as well as Article 140, which do not have reservations about bringing it, but we call upon to form a committee trying to compatibility between the Constitution and the wishes of the parties and confirmed Kanani that the director was the foundation of all these crises is the resorting to the Constitution which preserves the country's wealth away from the differences and find consensus to resolve the current crisis.

He described the threats of the Kurdistan region's remarks that it aims to get more gains, and the pressure on the government to meet all the demands, and added that the government is committed to the Constitution, what we take in accordance with the Constitution and the exclusion will not deal with him, and we announced this principle over and over again.