Baghdad received 485 military base from U.S. forces

24/10/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Bagdad / range
announced by the Commission on Security and Defense Council of the Iraqi parliament on Sunday that Iraq has so far delivered 485 military base from U.S. forces in the recent steps taken for the complete withdrawal from Iraq at the end of this year.
A member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary governor Zamili told the Kurdish news agency that "the number of military bases, received by the Iraqi government, U.S. troops reached 485 base, and remained there were 20 military base will be delivered during the next two months." He Zamili that "the process of U.S. withdrawal nearing completion and that Obama will implement his promise to fully withdraw from Iraq before the start of the new year. " For his part, said Ali al-Moussawi, media advisor to Prime Minister that the process of U.S. withdrawal and delivery of military bases to Iraqi forces is an achievement for the Iraqis and the Iraqi government and the U.S. administration for its commitment to the agreement between the parties. and the concerns expressed by politicians on the intervention of Iraq's neighbors in its internal affairs after the withdrawal of U.S. forces from it, Moussawi said that Iraq, despite the shortage of building its armed forces, but that he had a defensive force, and that he will address the shortage gradually, and not the new Iraq, any aggressive intentions towards others. , the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs forces chock Lt. General Ahmed al-Khafaji, Sunday forces to protect the border of the ministry does not need to be experts and foreign coaches. Khafaji said told the future: "The forces to protect the land border do not need foreign coaches had developed the capacity of security forces under the command of the border," and went on al-Khafaji said, "Iraq needs to develop its defensive air, sea and needs to import advanced military aircraft. "