Obstacles to the reform of the structure of the Iranian economy

January 8, 2017 in the media center

What hinders the reform of the Iranian economy is not a state administrative apparatus inflation, as some say, because the size of the administrative apparatus is nothing in front of the populationThe annual production volume, but the problem lies in the management of financial resources of the state.

Add opening: it should be compared to figures extracted from fossil energy and the size of the gross domestic product numbers of the general budget so that it can stand on bugs found in the Iranian economy. Extracted Iran at the present time , the equivalent of 8.6 million barrels of oil per day, including 750 million cubic meters of natural gas, equivalent to 4.6 million barrels per day. And it produces about 4 million barrels of oil a day. Calculating the value of a barrel of oil in 2017 on the basis of $ 55 a barrel , and every dollar is equal to 3,300 tomans be the value of what is extracted $ 170 billion, or more than 560 billion tomans. The size of the income equivalent to 1.75 of the total state budget amounting to 320 thousand billion tomans.

The editorial says: World Bank statistics say that Iran 's GDP in 2015 reached $ 400 billion in calculating oil revenues and the rest of other economic activities, and then the problem is in the Iranian economy is not in the state 's resources , but in spending out of the general budget items, meaning that the budget General state that does not exceed $ 100 billion, and resources exceed 400 billion dollars, and with this in the state budget deficit due to the expenses of the system outside the state budget items.

The Iranian government has achieved an income tax in 2016 about 90 thousand billion tomans, the equivalent of $ 27 billion, a figure that is equivalent to the wages and salaries of state employees, which means that the proceeds of the tax did not pour into the development projects of the state, and the money collected by the government will not represent anything of the state, but it is in favor of the Iranian bureaucracy.

Opening reflect the extent of economic dislocation suffered by Iran and the loss of resources in the expenses are not included in the general budget, but the opening draws attention to another thing is why when "OPEC" organization calculated calculates its oil production quotas in the member states do not take into account the production of these countries natural gas also as a producer resources. Many countries invoke economic about their difficulties or desire to retain its share of the market , as Iran has done in the last meeting for "OPEC", were excluded from the reduction of production quotas, and if we collect the oil , and gas production to Iran and found gross nearly the size of Saudi Arabia 's production, but Iran has not accounted for its production of gas when talking about the economic crises caused by its ruling, and adheres to maintain oil production volume it has.

The newspaper "Avrenc": Changing American skin in Russia
decomposition newspaper "Avrenc" in an editorial today the recent decisions taken by Barack Obama before he left the White House started. The editorial says: usual in the interim period before a new head of power in the White House and the departure of another, that there is a situation of calm and not make decisions, but Obama break this year and rolled his decisions even before leaving power only two weeks, and is still expected to issue other decisions. The editorial says: Obama 's term was marked by the adoption of several resolutions against Israel 's settlement policy in the occupied territories, which dislikes Netanyahu and considered one of the most periods of frosty relations between America and Israel. The other thing that Obama violated the predecessors of American presidents is the relationship with Russia, has followed the imposition of economic sanctions by the policy even maximizes the cost of the use of Russia 's military capability in the territorial disputes, which cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future of US - Russian relations.

But in spite of the truth of what she said by opening the statistics show the results of reverse decisions made by Obama during his presidency , which, as statistics indicate that the Obama period saw the largest rate of construction of Israeli settlements, and the global influence of the Russian grew never before , even in the Union period Soviet cold war. The reason for this perception of both Israel and Russia that Obama will not enter into armed clashes, and it is not fluent in the international compression methods, and the decisions taken which are limited effect and did not change anything in terms of the Russian - Israeli accretion.

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