It is true that Iraqiya bloc ministers attended Malikiís meeting, but before they did so they were in contact with us and the Sadrist Movement. They told us that if we didnít attend the meeting, Maliki would take advantage of the situation by saying he came to Kirkuk while other leaders didnít.Regarding the KDP and PUK, Maliki thought PUK ministers would attend the meeting but KDP ministers wouldnít. But none of the Kurdish ministers -- from the PUK, KDP and IUK -- attended the meeting. Maliki also wasnít successful in creating problems between Arabs and Kurds because Muqtada Sadr, Ayad Alawi and Usama Nujayfy were in Kurdistan at the same time. We currently have a strong relationship with the Arab leadership. It is Maliki who is isolated now. Following Malikiís meeting in Kirkuk, Iraqiya bloc ministers met with Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani which means their attendance at the meeting wasnít to offend the Kurds. Rudaw: Maliki said that he has decided to remove Kurdish security forces in Kirkuk. Are you aware of this?Fuad Hussein: I am always in contact with the Kirkuk governor but I have not heard of this decision yet. This is not up to Maliki. Kirkuk is the home of the Kurds. We will not leave our home, just as the Arabs, Turkmen and other minorities that are from Kirkuk will not leave their home.Rudaw: Maliki says he will not follow the constitution and will do as he wishes. What do you say about this?Fuad Hussein: What he said about not following the constitution is really dangerous. As prime minister, he has sworn an oath to protect the constitution. He became the prime minister based on that constitution. One day he says the constitution is sacred, and the next he contradicts himself by saying he will freeze the constitution. Other times, he says the constitution is an obstacle. It is not up to him how to think of the constitution. The constitution is the foundation of this country. It is true that he has suspended the constitution for some time as a result of all the issues that have emerged. He himself does not follow the constitution and then accuses us for not abiding by the constitution. Maliki has suspended half of the constitution and wants to suspend the other half. Suspending the constitution is not possible in this situation, because suspending the constitution means putting an end to parliament, the federal court and the electoral commission. Suspending the constitution means a military coup.Rudaw: If Maliki suspends the constitution, will there be a united Iraq anymore?
ďSuspending the constitution means a military coup.Ē
Fuad Hussein: Maliki has suspended the constitution in deeds, not words. He now wants to suspend it in words as well. Maliki says parliament is a problem. He also says the government will not provide services to its people while he is the prime minister of that government. Iraq has been lacking electricity for the past eight years and the government had spent $27 million in this field. Baghdad has only five hours of electricity a day. Basra has none. Maliki should have resigned long ago.Rudaw: Why are Shia groups such as the Islamic Supreme Council, Ahmad Calabi and the Fazila party silent?Fuad Hussein: A few days ago, the Shia coalition and Malikiís State of Law coalition met to reorganize. Another coalition has emerged of Shia groups such as Fazila, the Sadr Movement, the Islamic Supreme Council and Ahmad Calabi. This is an important coalition because they will not take Malikiís side.Rudaw: Several days ago, the Iranian ambassador visited Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani and other political parties. Is there any pressure on the Kurds from Iran to change their position toward Maliki?Fuad Hussein: I donít see that as pressure. They just came to suggest ideas. We will listen to all suggestions. It is our duty as leaders to be open to suggestions but the important thing is how we respond to them. Rudaw: What was the Kurdish response when Iran asked the Kurds to solve their problems with Maliki through dialogue?Fuad Hussein: The Kurdistan Region president is known for telling the media exactly what happens behind closed doors. He says that he has been working with that man (Maliki) for years and believed in him to lead this country, but now has reached the conclusion that that is not to be the case. And it is his constitutional right to say that he does not agree with Maliki and that he would rather have someone else in his place if possible. The president says this openly and in meetings as well.Rudaw: So the Kurdistan Region president has reached the conclusion that it is not possible to deal with Maliki anymore and that he should be removed?Fuad Hussein: In my opinion, the president has reached that conclusion.Rudaw: The Iranian consul general in Sulaimani also met with President Talabani. Is the Kurdish position united toward Maliki?Fuad Hussein: The Kurdish position is straightforward. And Talabani attended the recent five-party talks in Erbil.Rudaw: But Talabani did not sign the ultimatum in Erbil.
ďThe Kurdistan Region president is known for telling the media exactly what happens behind closed doors.Ē
Fuad Hussein: The meeting was held in the office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Talabani himself oversaw the meeting. But at the same time, he is president of the republic, and withdrawing confidence from Maliki can be done in two ways -- he can be summoned to parliament where confidence is withdrawn from him, or the president tells parliament that he is withdrawing confidence. So, if the president signed the paper it would have meant that he had already withdrawn confidence from the prime minister, while the content of the Erbil letter gives Maliki 15 days to meet the terms of the ultimatum. In any case, Talabani attended the meeting and read and agreed with its details. The other parties understood his stance.