Liberal bloc hints at the possibility of withdrawal of confidence from the government after the expiration of the fifteen day
Published on Monday, 14 May 2012

BAGHDAD / With: Liberal bloc confirmed its intention to hold an important meeting to determine the position of the government in the event of failure to implement the Convention in Arbil, the seventeenth of Alshahralhala.
Awad said Radi, a reporter and news agency, the future, "said the meeting would include blocks of the Supreme Council and virtue, and independent of the National Alliance, to determine the fate of the government, if not fulfilled promises to, adding that the government did not formally respond to the moment on the paper sent to them, which included a deadline-running 15 days to implement Erbil agreement, otherwise the consequences will be responsible for the next phase Bmyatea and positives, if any. "
He added, "Everyone knows how dangerous the withdrawal of confidence from the government, but certainly there will be options mature before putting the option of withdrawal of confidence, explaining that the Sadrist movement is serious in implementing the outcome of the last meeting of Irbil, which was held in the presence of five leaders."
The National Alliance, received a letter from the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr include the grace of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has 15 days to implement the decisions of the meeting of five leaders in Arbil, which was held the end of last April, and stressed during which the importance of the National Congress and the need to adhere to its decisions, and commitment to the Constitution which defines the form of the state and the relationship of the three powers and the independence of the judiciary.