Iraq: National Alliance demands an alternative to the owners that has not been implemented "paper Erbil"

14/05/2012 17:30

Erbil, May 14 (AKnews) - The Iraqi List, said in a statement today that it adheres to the decisions of the consultative meeting held in Erbil on 28 April last, and the note that came out of the meeting, as the National Alliance demands an alternative to the Prime Minister in the event of failure to implement what The memorandum stated in the specified period, which expires after a few days.

The mouthpiece of the Iraqi List MP Maysoon al quoting Iyad Allawi, leader of the bloc as a stick to the decisions of the consultative meeting held in Erbil, adding that some parties are trying to interfere with the parties meeting in Arbil, by spreading false rumors about the coherence of the position of Iraq, and that these methods have become open to all and confirm the failure and weakness and retreat behind them.

The meeting of Arbil consultation had discussed ways of strengthening the democratic process and activating the mechanisms of democracy in the management of affairs of the country, and avoid the risks that are targeted to, and promote joint action among those who made it, based on national principles and values ​​of political consensus and to devote the elements that will put the country on the road to recovery and stability, as stressed discuss ways to dismantle the crisis, which has become a threat to the continuation of the higher national interests and guided by the application of the Convention on the Arbil.