Call to abolish the legislative recess within the House of Representatives
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Thread: Call to abolish the legislative recess within the House of Representatives

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    Call to abolish the legislative recess within the House of Representatives

    Deputy for the rule of law values ​​the mass of the free call to abolish the legislative recess the House of Representatives
    Sunday, November 23 1 / Okrudolf 2011 18:18

    MP for the coalition of state law Jawad Albzona call the Liberal bloc to cancel the holiday Legislative House of Representatives as "stemmed from his concern for the Iraqi people."

    The Albzona in a statement singled out by the Agency all of Iraq [where] the day Sunday, "We can not complete the quorum in the House of Representatives because most of the deputies either in the Hajj, or in trips outside Iraq," noting that "the problem is not to disable the House of Representatives but that the problem the inability of Parliament to pass laws. "

    "It was supposed to be completed by the laws in a short period, because every law needs only to read first and then two days later a second reading and then four days after being voted on, but the House of Representatives Aokhron vote on laws, including nearly six months to every law, despite the presence of all MPs" .

    And the reasons attributed to a "lack of political agreements, making the laws to be delayed and delayed for long periods."

    The Liberal parliamentary bloc called the House of Representatives to cancel the legislative recess, noting that Iraq is passing through a critical stage and needs to be a legislative and regulatory institution in the country.

    The House of Representatives at its previous session did not resolve all the laws, but was deported a large number of them to the current session is the cause of accumulation of clear laws and a delay in the resolution.

    And ended the current parliament enacted the first legislative passage of 35 legally contrast medium of views by the House of Representatives about his performance the regulatory and legislative, as it began the House of Representatives recessed on November 11 last year and lasted until the middle of last May to take after the holiday legislative term first in mid-June resumed its Again, however, raise its meeting held on the tenth of this month to 20 from next month to have ended the first year of the legislative, which included two legislative. finished 2. ption%3Dcom_content%26view%3Darticle%26id%3D16248% 3A2011-10-23-14-24-19%26catid%3D41%3A2011-04-08-17-27-21%26Itemid%3D86
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    isn't it amazing how they don't seem to understand the urgency in getting their country on solid footing before they take off for any reason???

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