Parliamentary source's range: Talabani is determined to hold a national meeting early next month
Date: Monday 14/5/2012 8:01

Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
in a series of bilateral and trilateral meetings held by President Jalal Talabani, with a number of leaders of blocs and political figures during the past two days, the President met last Saturday evening the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and announced the Presidential Office said President Talabani

He said in the meeting to resolve differences and outstanding issues through the Constitution and agreements between the political blocs and working papers for the meeting before the National. According to a statement issued by the Office of the Presidency received "long" a copy of that Talabani and Hakim and Abdul-Mahdi, reviewed the "political situation and the solutions needed to overcome the problems encountered in the political process."
The statement added that "it was stressed the importance of national dialogue and understanding between all parties and to ensure access to solutions Nadzh based on the Constitution and the agreements and working papers of the proposed and included a partnership everyone to work together to promote the building of the state and provide the best services required of the citizen and search Talabani during the past two days ways to the success of the national meeting, which is the Talabani is the sponsor of the meeting was held, after he saw the political process sharp differences.

For his part, parliamentary source for "long" that talks between President Talabani with the leaders of the blocks resulted in agreements, in determining the time and place of the national meeting.

The source, who preferred anonymity, said that President Talabani made ​​during his meetings with a number of solutions, especially those of interest to the coalition list Iraq after announcing that some MPs not want the menu to proceed. Ballqa national, arguing the reasons not to respect the paper submitted by the list, which had been confirmed on the implementation of the Convention Erbil.
The source added that Talabani seeks and urges political leaders to hold national conference early next month, likely success of the President of the Republic persuading the parties to hold it.
contrast expressed a coalition of state law, led by the Prime Minister, expressed satisfaction with the meetings held, headed by Talabani stressed the need to speed up convening of the meeting, stressing the support the efforts of the President in determining the time and place of meeting at a time will be determined.
said MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri for the coalition state law that "the efforts of the president stems from the size of the responsibility that lies on his shoulder," he said Yasiri in a statement to the extent of yesterday, "that what took place between the meeting with the President of the Republic confirms their quest for the success of the meeting, stressing the support of a coalition of state law decisions of the President of the Republic.
criticized Yasiri some Congress the Iraqi List, after they declared that the list did not participate the meeting, saying these calls is the same Bh Disclaimer Talabani calls for, calling the leaders of the coalition in Iraq to respect the results Talabani after the meetings.
For his part, ruled by the House of Representatives on the mass of free Abdul-Hussein al-Husseini Resan that the meeting National solve all the problems and get out of the political crisis in the country, but that he would work on mitigation and comfort her.
He Resan in a statement received the long version of it on Sunday that "the masses trying to drag the political process to the date of the next election without thinking of dissolution at the present time" .
He noted "We are waiting for political forces to come and sit at the table of dialogue in order to listen to problems and exchange insights between those forces," asserting that "some have asked the Iraqi List, and even the National Alliance and a coalition of law that this dialogue is the last point for resolving all the problems that beset the political process. "
He al-Husseini about the "hope that the political blocs to dissolve some of their differences," describing those differences as "very simple", and in the same time, "there are some differences not only a personal".
contrast view of Iraq These meetings are useless and that the talks for as long as did not enable us to hold the meeting renewed its demand to resolve the issue Hashemi politically and judicially, and the issue of Saleh al-Mutlaq, as well as implementation of the Convention of Arbil in full.
MP said Ahmed al-Alwani, the Iraqi List, "The Iraqi demands do not need to meetings and holding meetings, saying al-Alwani to solve all the issues need not only for a few hours.
promised Alwani that the statements by some politicians in recent times is a construction only, stressing that the solution lies in the implementation of what they say, describing the State of Law coalition partners is loyal who Atanslon for agreements, and said Alwani, said the list is still sticking to their demands, and will not participate Ballqa unless in and got assurances from the President of the Republic Bdrjha on the agenda.
saw the political landscape recently political mobility represents the establishment of a number of meetings between political leaders, where he met President Jalal Talabani, during the past two days and in separate National Alliance leader Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, respectively, and discussed with them the political situation of the list.