A parliamentary committee to investigate corruption in the files of the two drilling and gas south
10/24/2011 0:00

BASRA / With: said decision of the Commission on oil and energy MP Uday Awad that the committee tasked with investigating the corruption files related to the two companies drilling the Iraqi South Gas began operations in search of files, it is hoped to provide the results to the presidency of the parliament to take the appropriate decision. "
said Awad, told the future (However) the committee in charge has received several requests to investigate the files of administrative and financial corruption two companies of the Iraqi Drilling and gas south, but there the context of practice for the work of the committees is to conduct the investigation to prove the existence of corruption cases and submit them to the presidency of the parliament after the decision is made ​​to question the officials concerned to parliament or dismissed if required so. "
and revealed that the Commission's work in these files will be decided in the coming days and report to the presidency, adding that a committee of investigation include MPs, technicians, and with competence