Chalabi is a new political grouping
On: Sun 05/13/2012 8:10

Baghdad / range
spokesman denied the Iraqi National Congress to be a composition, which was announced on Saturday evening, a gesture of dissent for the National Alliance.

and Mohamed al-Musawi, "that this ad is political activity designed to provide support to clusters of political" and Moussawi that "all political blocs and parties has its own activities undertaken in isolation from the existing alliances. "

The Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, has announced the formation of a political rally again under his leadership includes a number of political movements.
said Chalabi in a conference held at the Sheraton Hotel and attended by the correspondent of "long" with a number of entities were part of the assembly which will be called {union of political forces and national figures in Iraq! "The elite of the sons of this people, heads of political parties and political entities and national figures include the finest cadres and scientific competence, administrative and political of them participated election years and has achieved significant results in, but it did not reach the dome of the parliament for many reasons, including the theft of their voices and add them to other parties, including not up to threshold the election because of the weakness of potential media and Card decided to afflict herself national to take on the responsibility of defending the people's right to live in far-off. "
He added that the Union forces and political figures in Iraq would be close to all the political blocs and their leaders and will do his duty National Reconciliation and an end to the problems existing between the political blocs and their leaders. "
The Chalabi that the EU will work to repair relations right with neighbors to ensure Iraq's sovereignty and protect its internal affairs and expand the area of international relations and Arabic to take Iraq's real role in building a system of security and international peace and rejection of military aggression against any country on and off intervention in the affairs of the States under any title. "
did not include the bloc of any parliamentary or party of parties known.

noted that Chalabi is currently the deputy of the National Alliance and president of the National Conference and stood for Iraqi National List coalition in Baghdad and received the votes of good in it.