Kurdistan's (range): resorting to the street out of the question constitutionally
On: Sun 05/13/2012 8:52

Baghdad / range
reduced the Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance, the importance of the tips that are issued about the possibility of using the street in the event of recourse to the option of no-confidence in Prime Minister to resolve the current political crisis. The MP said Mahma Khelil said in an interview with the "long" that "Parliament is the supreme authority of the country which gives a confidence to the government and overshadowed them,
And the parliament is the one who produced all the state institutions, "explained that" resorting to the street is unacceptable constitutionally, people are delegated the matter to the House of Representatives elected by him to make decisions, and we have to give in to political consensus and reach agreements keep us from becoming charged atmosphere. "And MP Kurdistan that" there is no justification for resorting to confrontation and escalation of the level of the street. "
and on the consultative meeting and neglected granted to respond to the points stressed, "The message (cleric) Moqtada al-Sadr and the five leaders were clear to the government of Iraq, and if did not respond to the Prime Minister it would be the options open to the political blocs that unpopular. "Khalil added, saying," It will be the options available and we will resort to the Constitution in the formation of a new government, and there are constitutional mechanisms regulating this process. "
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in an interview televised to the possibility of freezing the Constitution and the appeal to the masses. and notes political observers that the the political process going in the critical area, and the results are not unexpected, according to political analyst Ahmad White, who sees the possibility of a "confrontation" in case you decide the blocks go about to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki.
said White told "Baghdadi News" yesterday that the political process will develop embarrassed in case disapproval of the rule of law on the application of the Erbil and therefore they can not go back and will go to the issue of withdrawal of confidence, and that is with regret that we will see some kind of confrontation that may begin to impact on the Iraqi street, and confuse the security situation. "
and added that on 17 this month will be crucial for the political process after the end of the 15-day deadline given to the owners to implement the Convention on Irbil.