"Long" defies Maliki: I will not keep silent about your policies disastrous destructive


Monday 12 December 2016

With widening campaign of solidarity with the Iraqi media institution long in the face of a lawsuit filed against al - Maliki has challenged him manage certainly not to remain silent about his policies , which she described Balcarthyh despite the assignment editor and deputy to the court of inquiry publication and media issues.

She Foundation - term appreciation for the solidarity campaign launched by and contribute to it through the social networking sites of dozens of journalists and the media, to the intellectuals and social and political figures condemned to the lawsuit filed by Vice President head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki against the editor of the long head of Fakhri Karim , and his deputy , Ali Hussein on charges of libel and defamation a charge described Eadah.

The organization said in a press statement explanatory seen the text "Culture" on Monday that the lawsuit is one of several issues Maliki and others from state officials had erected at various times against a newspaper term and its founder and previously such as cream or his representatives before the courts for such cases , which included also other colleagues. She said Fakhri Karim will mark the week before the competent court in the last issue being solidarity campaign on them now , and al - Maliki filed against the journalist Ali Hussein after an article in which he criticized al - Maliki 's policies.

The Foundation pointed out that the aim of the lawsuit is to silence the national sound impressive to the extent and "overlook the destructive policies pursued under former Prime Minister Maliki and manifested its disastrous consequences in the occupation Daesh terrorist to a third of the country 's territory and the death of tens of thousands of the finest sons of Iraq , and his daughters , and the captivity of thousands Other and displaced millions who Anvkoa living terrible plight in the camps as well as the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars that have been smuggled out of the country at the hands of the corrupt and mischief making the Iraqi state stands on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse and shed Iraqi society in the furnace of an economic and financial severe crisis. "

She stressed Foundation - term it would remain committed to its consistent position to criticize the policies and actions wrong for the government and other state institutions and will not hesitate to name names spade whatever positions and positions of those responsible for the policies and actions wrong and will not be intimidated by the criminal proceedings malicious nor any other arbitrary measures.

Maliki personal light shade and another Maketbh journalist Ali Hussein al - Maliki for an article , "Mr. Maliki said personal light shade and loves humor."

He added that al - Maliki While Mosul handed it to Daesh and "Lth" more than 120 billion dollars disappeared ability "His Excellency , " the final accounts for the budgets of the eight years he spent in office found that Moumi him Ali Hussein was behind all the problems of Iraq but this has to be chased until the last breath .. lawsuit No. 5 against me hosted by his Excellency the Vice President of the Republic imagining he Sajberni silence Sanfz orders and stop writing about the condition that tells us where disappeared the 120 billion dollars. "

A campaign of solidarity and wide and see social networking wide campaign of solidarity with the journalist Ali Hussein continues media figures and intellectuals, politicians and their emphasis on the need to defend freedom of speech , noting that suit Maliki depended on the age of the law during the former regime.

They pointed out that this means that Iraq is still "live one - vote - standing dictatorships abusive to Aljmt for years over the age of people and Akharsthm" .. They said "litigation campaign against the press and freedom of speech must be put an end to it, otherwise Hasratna all" .. stressing saying "to announce supportive stance by both journalists .. Stop Atraepkm to freedom of opinion and word. "

Calls respond suit their part called about a hundred organizations and personal political and human rights dismiss the case against the journalist for lack integrity and used a knife to stab civilian efforts Enlightenment and the lack of agreement, law and regulations as well as human rights.

She noted these events in a press statement received "Culture" to read that this campaign comes from the response to the lawsuit invalid legally in the causes and reasons and conflicting with the essence of the constitutional human rights in their ends. Against the backdrop of an article written by Iraqi journalist Ali Hussain in the newspaper about the term vote of some parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives on a resolution limiting personal freedoms in Iraq ..

Stressing that freedom of opinion and expression and the right of criticism is an inalienable right guaranteed by the constitution and international conventions.

They considered the case comes with a view to confiscation of freedom of opinion and represent a flagrant violation of the Iraqi constitution and the suppression of free thought and Progressive imposing obscurantist backward culture in Iraq. And the formation of a burnt offering of each enlightened elements in society.

They demanded a mistrial , "the lack of safety and used a knife to stab civilian efforts Enlightenment and the lack of agreement and the law and the regulations of human rights , " according to their saying.

Maliki at the head of a machine Corruption his part , said the center "Metro" the Kurdish press freedoms suits against journalists and a way to intimidate them and prevent them from getting the information of public opinion, said that al - Maliki a lawsuit against the newspaper term of Ali Hussein adoption else in abuse this flagrant violation of the Iraqi constitution and the international conventions governing the rights Human.

The center added in a press statement received read "Elaf" The complainant any Maliki was one of those who
contributed to the spiral of violence was rampant and looted fortune of public money and impoverished large segments of citizens and violated the rights of the city , and humanity .. He was also on top of this the system or corrupt senior influential in years. And it is in the custody Fiercely Daesh gangs when handed the second - largest city in Iraq and a third of the area of the country and in the custody of rampant looting of public money thrown away , and the violation of freedoms and rights to alarming limits.

Center strongly rejected "attempts to suppress freedom of opinion and expression and the right to criticize working in the public affairs personalities by filing lawsuits aimed at silencing the free pens , which refuses to keep pace with and appease corrupt Oqlamha or sell them." He called on the Iraqi judiciary to "dismiss the case for lack of conformity with the spirit of the Iraqi Constitution , which guarantees freedom of opinion and expression and the right to criticize, Faihma this newspaper and the journalist from abuse harms the right of litigation and turn him into a terror to silence the sound Free critic poring mislead and tool writer blinding of public opinion. "

The al - Maliki when used to head the Iraqi government has exchanged president of term for the press Fakhri Karim , in late 2012 , accusations of lying as the first payment of resorting to military force and the second siege of a house.

After an editorial for the cream in the term in which he accused Maliki of dictatorship, corruption and the positions of the year against the country 's al - Maliki responded , saying , "The long article included false sayings." The cream publication of an editorial in the newspaper term under the title "of al - Maliki and deter unchecked and adjusts the rhythm dysfunctional? .. President guarantor of the Constitution .. What awaits?".