"Maliki" stands ready to implement the demands of the Sadrist movement for the withdrawal of undo confidence
Posted 10/05/2012 12:04 PM

Baghdad: editing squares

A leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq led by Ammar al-Hakim of forces agreement that fall within the National Alliance to maintain the unit cohesion, and give more support to the President of the current government Nuri al-Maliki, until the end of his term, and seek to hold a national conference as soon as possible to contain the political crisis .

According to the leader, who declined to be named, expressed the prime minister is ready to implement the demands of the Sadrist movement, and give them positions in the state was "the possibility of access to the presidency of the CCAMLR accountability and justice for the candidate of the current former MP Falah Hassan Chanchal, and re-exiled supporters of the movement who were deported during the implementation process Charge of the law of the employees of the security services to their sites, with pledges of passage of the amnesty law in the next legislative term, "

Meeting of the National Alliance

The MP for the Liberal bloc represented by the Sadrists and internalized within the National Alliance Prince Kanani said that "mass put conditions in front of al-Maliki for support for his position during the negotiations to form a government of the most prominent of approval of the amnesty law to secure the release of detainees resisting the U.S. occupation, including about 700 supporters of the and supporters of the mainstream, "adding that the amnesty bill put forward by the mass:" to include all the detainees to achieve the national reconciliation project but not limited to the category without the other. "Unlikely that a mass desire to obtain positions in the security services.
The Iraqi arena witnessed recently an Iranian move is clear, is to hold contacts with political leaders after the announcement of the claim to withdraw confidence from the current government, in the event of refusal to apply the agreement Arbil.