Parliamentary Finance: producing provinces will receive 50 billion


12/09/2016 16:21

BAGHDAD / Center Brief National NNC- said the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, said that the budget included the granting producing provinces (50) billion dinars, which represents 10% of the dues.

He said Haider, in a press statement that "the agreement reached between the parliamentary finance committee and heads of blocs and representatives of the provinces that receive provincial nearly 50 billion dinars directly, which represents nearly 10% of the dues of the petro-dollar, and the remaining amount will be in the form of treasury bonds." .

He continued that "these funds will be spent on strategic projects rather than on projects that will not protect them from hunger, so we imposed some restrictions for non-payment of those amounts is misplaced."

The House of Representatives in order to approve next year's budget several times, most recently; because of how the political differences between the blocks on some special budget of the Kurdistan region of points, and the debt owed by the government the direction of oil-producing provinces in accordance with the mechanism of the petro-dollar, which hit the southern provinces of non-implementation.

And the voice of the House of Representatives, earlier, the federal budget for next year with no deputies oil-producing provinces and the KDP.

From: Mohamed Tayeb