Obeidi: Iraqi face popular pressure to reform the political situation and the deteriorating service

On: Friday 5/11/2012 6:56

Baghdad / range
said the Iraqi List MP for the winner to its list of al-Obeidi is exposed to pressure from its popular base for the work that would reform the political situation and service conditions in the country. The MP said in a statement to "Euphrates News" yesterday that "The country is suffering from the conditions of political and service very poor and has significantly influenced the lives of the citizen which made ​​the grass roots to the list calling for an Iraqi solutions to the problems facing the country."

She al-Obeidi said that "the political scene involves many failures as the fact the service is not as bad as the political reality, not to mention the spread of financial and administrative corruption, which reached very high levels," indicating that "there are government ministries have become more like Balaaślah as the administrative staff to those ministries consists of relatives of ministers. "
She said that "the political blocs should deal seriously with the problems existing in the country and the reforms Links of existing conditions."
confirmed Obeidi that "the problems of the country caused by political differences and lack of commitment by the political parties to agreements concluded between them."
and prevail the political arena a state of crisis in the relations between the political blocs, especially among a coalition of state law and the Iraqi List, because of some files, such as ministries of security and the policy and strategic issues of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, and the relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government has recently strained adult on the back of harboring Kurdish Hashemi and also because of the file unlike oil which is witnessing widely between Arbil and Baghdad.