Urgent Democratic lawmakers Kurdistan announce their boycott of the session today

History of edits:: 12.5.2016 13:47

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} deputies boycotted the Kurdistan Democratic Party's parliamentary session, which is scheduled to be held today to complete voting on the rest of the legal materials in the budget of 2017.

The MP for the Democratic Party Ashwaq dry told {Euphrates News} today , "We are interrupting the meeting because our position is clear and explicit, yesterday boycotted the parliamentary session because there was no redress for the Peshmerga forces have been voting on it after we left."

"We hope we redress all the Iraqi people, including the Peshmerga forces in the House of Representatives but the formula that put the sound of them were not fair for this boycotted yesterday and today also boycott the meeting."

It is said that the Council for passage of the federal budget for 2017 Act of Representatives session on Sunday, saw the withdrawal of {Party of Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani mass} of the House of Representatives session because of disagreements about Article IX of the budget.

Paragraph IX / Article 9
First , determine the share of the Kurdistan region by {17%} Seventeen percent of the total actual expenditures set forth in {table / d expenditures ruling} attached to this law and paid by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the approval of the Prime Minister .

Second , determine the ratio {17%} Seventeen percent of the Kurdistan region of total actual spending. "

The voice of the House of Representatives, on Sunday, agreeing to most of the articles of the draft federal budget for the year next 2017 law, was rejected by a vote on the article on the five vacation years for employees , without Tadlleha.anthy 1