Electricity to re-commence rehabilitation of infrastructure in the Hamdania and croutons

Sunday 20-11-2016 | 12:49:58

Twilight News / A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, on Sunday, that the cadres of the ministry began maintenance work and re-structures for electric power infrastructure rehabilitation in the district of Hamdania and croutons southeast of Mosul.

He said Musab teacher in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, "The engineering and technical staffs in the Electricity parties Nineveh Directorate of the Directorate General of Electricity Distribution North, began maintenance work in Hamdaniya district of the province of Nineveh, in order to restore power to the judiciary after its liberation from the terrorists Daesh, In addition to embrace the maintenance of feeder water project croutons and nutritious Hamdania hospital. "

He explained that "direct action has yet land secure by military and police forces and federal police power, then was instructed to Angels engineering and technical ministry to enter the region and direct Bachianat," pointing to continuing to work in the coming days to create all the nutrients, despite a lack of resources and the size of the extensive damage.

Infrastructure and severely damaged in areas restored Iraqi forces from organizing Daesh result of battles and car bombs left behind by the militants behind.