Iraq: a national reconciliation initiative opposed by Nuri al-Maliki

November 19, 2016 in the media center

With the progress made by Iraqi forces in the battle to liberate Mosul , and an interview with the military leadership about the possibility of the battle resolved by the end of this year, being the "National Alliance" ruler in Iraq , political contacts with leaders of participation in the political process, and other opposition, within the framework of the "historic compromise" initiative, put forward by the head of the coalition Hakim Finally, the aim of the order of what he described as post - salvation from the "Islamic State" (Daesh). Hakim stressed that before the settlement project will coincide with the liberalization of Mosul, saying in a statement that the "National Alliance" as the largest bloc submitted a document important settlement , which represents inclusive project for the Iraqis. He called for a "constructive Mtaih Iraq free of violence and dependency , " stressing the need to reset the crises, the rejection of division under any circumstances, and the emphasis on the need to abide by the constitution.

Great acceptance for settlement
Initiative raised came this time is different from its predecessors, according to a source close to the leadership of the "National Alliance", confirmed for "new Arab", they would include Sunni politicians opposed to the political process, adding that the settlement will open the doors of the Magistrate for everyone except for the elements of the Iraqi "Baath" party dissolved, and belonging to organize "Daesh" .

The source pointed out that the visit of the Iraqi opposition, chairman of the "Arab project," Khamis dagger, to the outskirts of Mosul, accompanied by Vice President Osama Najafi, represent the first steps of the initiative, pointing out that the dagger has received three calls, two of which were from parties from within the "Alliance National ", and one of the coalition , " Iraqi forces ", to visit Baghdad to discuss the situation following the liberation of Mosul, and the expulsion of the organization" Daesh "ones. "The settlement will include wanted to eliminate , such as former finance minister, Rafie al - Issawi, the former governor of Mosul, Liberation of Iraq, and other leaders, a condition brought before the Iraqi judiciary, and acquitted of the charges against them , " explaining that the initiative is trying to reset the crises within the policy of "no victor , no beatable. "

The source revealed for the approval of the majority of political figures and forces Sunni on the initiative in principle, pointing out that it has asked the "National Alliance" do real effective steps before entering the settlement, Ktogel approve the militias "popular crowd" law, and an end to armed appearances in the Iraqi street and limiting arms possession State, while political sources in Arbil confirmed, for "new Arab", that "most of the parties to the opposition for the political process in Iraq after the occupation of the approval of the settlement in principle, but she refused to have a paper dictated by the ruling coalition or the government . " .

A senior source at one of the Iraqi opposition blocks, they "want a real settlement," according to the description, "including opening the crimes committed after the occupation and the accompanying files, and the opening of demographic change a file in the country, and to reconsider the constitution written in the time of the occupation, and other things, and it stipulated that the guarantor is the United Nations Security Council in any settlement agreement and not the United Nations. " According to the source it has "approved some of the opposition forces on the accounting involved crimes by the occupation, to be the perpetrators of crimes after the occupation accountable, and there are international judicial body that oversees through the establishment of an international court take it upon themselves to justice everyone," stressing that "there is a movement going on in Arab and Western countries to unify speech Sunni and non-Sunni blocs of opposition to the current political process, and agreeing on a single position on the initiative. "

UN auspices
in the same context, MP for the "National Alliance" Abbas al - Bayati, an initiative that the settlement will be under the auspices of the UN, adding that the role of the international organization will focus on brokerage and regional marketing and try to bring the views of the parties concerned. He added in a statement that "the presence of international player in the initiative is not a prerequisite, The decision will be internally and with conviction whole succeed , " explaining that the use of any party wishing to help will be good, and will be agreed upon as long as within the limits that do not compromise sovereignty.

Meanwhile, it was revealed a member of the Iraqi parliament for the "National Alliance", Muhammad Allkash, to start a political settlement announced by al - Hakim , the application will be launched with the date of the Emancipation Proclamation of Mosul.

Commenting on this issue, Sunni politicians expected to start implementing the initiative requires more than this time, because there is no consensus so far on a compromise put forward by al - Hakim. " The Iraqi forces coalition," Mohammed al - Mashhadani , a member of the settlement project can not succeed if it is not on the table and acceptable to all parties, stressing in an interview with "new Arab" that " the current initiative put forward by the ruling Shiite coalition, without consultation with partners Sunni and Kurdish. " He added: "There is in the initiative positive points, Ktsfir problems, raising the slogan of no victor , no vanquished, opening the door to dialogue in front of opponents", criticizing at the same time insisting on the criminalization of "Resurrection" and its components, although the affiliation of most Iraqis for the party a year ago 2003.

He to request the Sunni political leadership advances the paper an interview for the paper the settlement at hand, to be to take advantage of the positive points in the two papers, pointing to the refusal of these leaders to be a settlement under the auspices of the United Nations, demanding that take place under the auspices of the Security Council , which has greater strength and ability to compel all parties to the application compromises and agreements that are under its umbrella.

He revealed al - Mashhadani , the existence of a political movement carried out by the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to mediate between the opposition leaders in Amman, Istanbul and the Iraqi government, and leaders of the "National Alliance" of the ruling, noting that the settlement should be approved and the support of Arab and Western countries, to ensure that no collapse like its predecessors from reconciliation projects.

It was Barzani has conducted during the past few days a series of meetings with Sunni leaders, Vice President Osama Najafi, and former Finance Minister Rafie al - Issawi, a former governor of Mosul and the Liberation of Iraq, the head of the "Arab project , " Khamis dagger. Dagger and announced that his visit to the Kurdistan region of Iraq was a success, saying in a statement that he held successful meetings with important political figures series during his visit to the region.

In a related context, he said a member of the bloc of "citizen" parliamentary, that fall within the "National Alliance", Amer Al - Fayez, said that the draft settlement paves the way for an effective dialogue with the opposition parties to the current political process, explaining in an interview with "new Arab" that " the settlement include the possibility of discussing with the head of the Arab project, Khamis dagger, and the Secretary General of the Association of Muslim scholars Jamal al - Dhari. " He pointed out that " the success of the dialogue depends on the extent of their commitment to the settlement terms, Kadanh Party (Baath) dissolved, and to stop abuse of the current political system, and to stop supporting armed groups."

Commenting on this subject, a political science professor at Baghdad University, Hassan Alaidani, he saw that the "National Alliance" is trying to put forward a transient settlement of sects and religions and nationalities in preparation for the post-liberation of Mosul, saying in an interview with "new Arab" that "the coalition is affiliated to Iran fears Sunnis and Kurds emergence of stronger after the battle of Mosul, because of what they receive from the regional and international support. " He added: "fear foggy rulers of Iraq, which mar the President-elect's policy, Donald Trump, towards Iraq, and his dissatisfaction with his predecessor, Barack Obama's policy, which handed over Iraq's militias," likely that "progress Shiite political forces more concessions during the next phase, fearing the success of rivals to get an international consensus helps to restructure power in Iraq, and to hold the perpetrators of crimes after 2003, particularly the Iraqi militias, which was founded during the reign of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. "

In front of all this anti - movement, take the head of the "coalition of the rule of law , " Nuri al - Maliki and members of his coalition, refusing to stand for a settlement at hand. The head of the "rule of law", he would not accept any settlement include people who caused the crisis protests that broke out in 2013, in the western provinces (Sunni), refusing to compromise with what he described as "Almtltkhh on their hands." He added in a statement: "No compromise with the cause of the crisis , sit - ins and comes to terrorism, nor a settlement with the Mkunhm reject them, do not compromise with the blood on their hands, and minds of sectarian sedition , " explaining that he is against " the reproduction of terrorism in the name of the settlement."

For its part, warned member of the Iraqi parliament from the "coalition of the rule of law , " high Nassif, both sponsored by the settlement, whether the United Nations or elsewhere, "the inclusion of murderers and conspirators against the Iraqi people in this settlement," stressing the need to the attention of the "National Alliance" to be careful not to include Almtltkhh their hands the blood of Iraqis settlement.

Carr fled fighting
on the ground, continues the battle of Mosul operations in the car fled the eastern neighborhoods of the city, amid the obvious difficulty facing the two parties due to bad weather in the province of Nineveh and parts of northern Iraq.

According to military sources , an Iraqi I spoke with "new Arab", the Iraqi forces on Friday succeeded in stabilizing their positions that had been liberated on Thursday inside the neighborhoods of Muthanna, green and Aden. Also seized control of the Islamic Bank building downtown to allow, east Mosul neighborhood, and trying to take over new areas, amid an intense bombardment of the airline alliance , which strongly participate for the second consecutive day, to make up for the lack of fiery momentum of the army because of bad weather. The sources confirmed the killing and injuring about 40 members of the "Daesh" during clashes on Friday , including suicide bombers tried to blow themselves up in the anti - terrorism forces, while the southern hub has seen a complete halt to the fighting after the control of Iraqi forces on Thursday Albu Yusuf region and the new draft water and farms corn. Lt. Col. Falah Sudanese from the leadership of the band sixteen in the army for "new Arab", said that the overall operations on Friday focused on the intense bombardment of sites organized at Mosul airport in preparation for the start of ramming.

In the western axis, militias "popular crowd" continues backed by units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard intense bombardment on Tal Afar and a number of nearby villages next to the airport, after the suicide attacks her desk Thursday night and early Friday morning dropped about 30 dead and wounded from the militia "bandages" and "Hezbollah "Iraqi, were targeted in the vicinity of the village of Al - Tal Afar Airport, where the militias are trying to impose its control it fully.

In the meantime, the commander of operations "edit Nineveh , " Maj . Gen. Najim al - Jubouri said, for " the new Arab", " The overall conduct of the fighting confirms that the clashes in other hubs lines will join the eastern axis, meaning move the war into the neighborhoods of Mosul." He said al - Jubouri: "We have plans and so far applied excellently and we are trying to continue the process of evacuation of civilians from the fighting in any areas of the way,"
as stated by the Nineveh provincial council, Mohammed al - Hamdani, for "new Arab", that " the battles are generally characterized by Friday apathy because of the weather the large number of civilians inside residential neighborhoods, "adding that" the pace of the battles vary from one axis to another, but most importantly it has entered into the stage of actual drain to organize Daesh. "

Furthermore, Iraqi medical sources inside Mosul revealed the death and injury of dozens of civilians during the past two days because of the fighting and aerial bombardment. A doctor at the Mosul hospital continued with "new Arab", said that 29 civilians were killed , including a professor at Mosul University, called Safwan Imad, bombing of the alliance on the pristine neighborhood east of the city, also arrived at the hospital , 51 civilians were injured during the night of Thursday to Friday afternoon, adding that there are certainly victims under the rubble and others in combat zones can not be evicted.

Baraa al-Shammari

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