Congress: the phenomenon of replacement of foreign exchange currencies Stqaibd false economy huge losses .. We must fight
On: Sun 05/06/2012 12:33
Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. Emerged in recent phenomenon seriously carried out by specialized gangs replace the hard currency in the country's currency Iraqi fake "fake", and this raised concern for a number of parliamentarians in the committees of the financial and economic, of the persistence of this phenomenon and its negative impact on the Iraqi economy.
They warned in the words of (the Agency news) from the exploitation of neighboring countries, the political situation unstable in Iraq enter a counterfeit currency and replace it with hard currency "dollar" to their advantage.

He had revealed some banking offices in Baghdad and the southern provinces for the emergence of forged Iraqi currency class (10) thousand dinars, and in large quantities, and who sees that the category of specialists (10) thousand dinars easy rigging of the other categories of the local currency.

Where he says the decision of the Economic Commission for MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Mahma Khalil must fight gangs specialized forging currency and find out where it comes from the source of these currencies to Iraq, being a dangerous phenomenon threatening the economic security of the country.

Khalil added (of the Agency news): In case of failure to take tough measures against counterfeiters of currency losses Saqaibd the Iraqi economy through large drain of hard currency "dollar" and the proliferation of counterfeit currency in the country.
Is the phenomenon of counterfeit currency of the most dangerous phenomena on the national economy, one of the economic crimes that are punishable by law.

He pointed out: that the Iraqi environment is not attractive to foreign currency because of the political situation of others settled in the country, which made the neighbors dare and take steps to destroy the Iraqi economy through the introduction of the currency counterfeit and replace them with the currency of the dollar in order to does not take Iraq Mkanadtha economic and be an actor in the region.

He acknowledged the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi earlier in the presence of counterfeit currency in circulation in Iraq is limited proportions, calling for the House of Representatives to pass a law reset the Iraqi dinar, a deletion of three zeros from the currency and replace the current currency of more sedate difficult to falsify.

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