Sunday 6 May 2012
Al-Bayati: all the requirements of a national meeting are ready and updated

BAGHDAD - and babysit -A member of the National Alliance for the rule of law Abbas al-Bayati said all the requirements of a national meeting are ready and updated.Bayati said in a statement (radio, public opinion): "All measures Allzimh to hold a national meeting is now ready and is waiting for is the invitation by President Jalal Talabani of the political blocs in the presence of this meeting being a sponsor for him." Noting that all the political blocs will have to them to come to this national meeting and ask what in store of files and problems. "
Al-Bayati said: "All the political blocs supported the initiative to hold the national meeting and sent their representatives to attend meetings of the Preparatory Committee, and that what they are talking about a reservation for this interview and the development of certain conditions outside the scope of the Preparatory Committee is not correct with the approval of the initial on his contract." Adding that the agenda of the national meeting Contains 75 paragraph, a broader and more comprehensive than what took him out of the meeting Quintet, which was held in Erbil. "noting that the National Alliance, said his speech is clear that those who want to solve the outstanding problems by the audience and sit at the table of the national meeting." He BLANC National Alliance respects the views of leaders of the five which met in Erbil, but the National Alliance does not accept that certain points are imposed on it. "stressing the need for everyone to take part in the solution and not to cast blame on one side."
He explained that a deadline of 15 days for the government to implement the terms of agreement Arbil Five crippling condition as it can not be implemented any government reform program in such a period.