Sunday 6 May 2012
Inch: the deadline (15) days Daz paper to speed up the national meeting held

Agencies - the National Alliance, counting on the mass of citizens for the National Alliance on an inch, give a time limit (15) to the government by the Sadrists to the implementation of the Arbil and other demands of the political blocs, and a pressure on the government to speed up convening of the national meeting.He said an inch in a press statement on Sunday: The introduction of some political blocs deadline for the government or other parties, is an attempt to pressure it to in order to speed up convening of the national meeting and the implementation of what has been agreed, stressing the lack of differences within the National Alliance on resolving the political crisis, but rather there different perspectives and insights that arise on the withdrawal of confidence from the government or the current proposal the Sadrist movement.
He added that the political situation was born tedious for the people of Iraq and the impact on service delivery to him, pointing to the need to hold a national meeting and out of the political crisis.