Block calls on citizens to accelerate the national meeting held

Posted on Saturday, 05 May 2012 12:19

BAGHDAD / With: He called on the mass of the citizen Faleh in force on Saturday to hold a national meeting as soon as possible, stressing that extremism in ideas and not to accept the other led to the deterioration of the political process.
The effect of the reporter and the news agency the future, that: "The flaw in the political process lies in the conflicts and differences between the blocks rival for power, as there is extremism in some of the ideas and opinions, which led to some Alarbakat and some crises within all political alliances."
He called for "a national meeting to resolve all differences and Investment repeated meetings between the political blocs to meet national combines all the political parties," noting that it "must become clearer image over mortuary law and the Constitution and thus bind all and was an abuse by a particular party may be shall be obligated as well."
The leader of the Sadrist movement in response to a question by one of his followers about new agreements held by the current with new allies in the political arena, he stressed that "as you always I will stay for all Iraqis," noting that "because of governmental actions personal Altferdih dictatorship became Iraq's political crisis," explaining that "there is my signature on the agreement with nine points of logical, and love came from Iraq and its sects."