Congress: early elections and dissolve parliament of the most prominent solutions to the country's emergence from the current crisis
05.05.2012 15:13:03

(Iba) / report / immortality Ziadi / ... Did not stop calls for early elections or dissolve the current parliament out of the outstanding problems between the political blocs and the leaders and the leaders of those blocks, where he sees a leading role in state law that the early elections and dissolve parliament the best solution, and the Sadrists believe it is part of the solution and Iraqi sees one scenario at hand for the salvation of the crisis situation

The leader of the State law Hassan Sinead, that the best solution to political problems the list is the solution of the current parliament and early elections., Pointing out that holding the meeting the national and resorting to the Constitution is the right step for the construction of the state, but the Iraqi citizens have lost faith politician of the country, and do not trust statesman who is accused of and cursing and threatening, forgetting that he is part of the government, which verbally abuse her.

He added that all attempts to divide the National Alliance ended in abject failure and that the withdrawal of confidence from the government and a pressure is no longer feasible.

The political scene recently a political dynamic growing began meeting quintet between President Jalal Talabani and the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi and the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, the head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, which was issued from this meeting a series of resolutions sent Moqtada al-Sadr, in a letter to the National Alliance and who discuss them during a meeting last Thursday, but no details about the message and the position of the National Alliance of which were not reflected in the final statement of the meeting.

For its part, Iraq's deputy, according to the appearance of al-Janabi, emphasizes that the political blocs refused to resort to early elections or dissolve the current parliament, so as not to lose retaining their positions, and not before it is go to the National Congress to resolve outstanding differences and agreeing on a solution that satisfies everyone.

He revealed al-Janabi, there are three scenarios in front of the political blocs first bring down the government and the formation of a political majority, pointing out that there was no mass can, and the second by the President of the Republic to dissolve the current parliament and call early elections and the last Go to the national meeting and compatibility to find satisfactory solutions in and out of the current crisis .

He called on al-Janabi, the rule of law to prove good faith and to deal seriously to end the differences and correct the course of the political process and work on confidence-building to contain the negative developments in the political scene.

He noted that some blocks refuses to resort to scenarios in which retaining their positions and lose Mganmha, and remains the third scenario, go to the National Congress and the agreement to resolve outstanding issues, expressing hope that the state law does not back down on its promise and things got worse.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi List, the most prominent political blocs calling for early parliamentary elections as a solution to the political crisis, calling its leader Ayad Allawi, in more than one occasion to hold early elections to end the political crisis and the practice of some of the parties what he called the exclusion and marginalization and uniqueness decision against his list.

In the opinion of the Sadrist movement that calls for early legislative elections as part of the solution to the current political crisis and with a mass conducted in a timely manner according to the constitution and the law of the Electoral Commission.

The MP said Awad al-Awadi, the Sadr movement that calls for early parliamentary elections are not all the solution but part of it and with our conduct in a timely manner and according to the text of the Constitution and the law of the Electoral Commission for elections, especially since he had not left for the elections much only two years, but we believe long enough for the government in work to build the institutions of the state and its components.

He added that the political blocs and the Iraqi people that choose to Ieian government through the ballot box will have more impact than the threat to derail the government through early elections.

The political scene rise significantly in the severity of the exchange of accusations between the Iraqi List and the Kurds and a coalition of state law on several files on the management of the state and partnership in decision-making and file-oil and the issue of Vice President of the Republic required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashemi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and the disputed areas and other outstanding issues.

Prompting some political blocs threatening to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and others, including a claim for early elections to save the country from the current crisis. (End)