Vice Posted: MPs will return to the list .. and Iraqi leaders have agreed to unify the speech
On: Saturday 05/05/2012 14:58

Baghdad (news) .. rule out the MP / coalition in Iraq / Jaber Al-Jabri, the occurrence of any future splits or deputies out of the Iraqi List, noting that some "Tarian" on the list are trying to stir up trouble, and to give the impression to others that there were problems within them.
Al Jabri said (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The Iraqi List rearranged again and its leaders agreed to unify the speech, stressing that a number of MPs came out of the list will come back to it soon.

He added there was an agreement between the leaders of the list to re-house in order again, and new and emerging manifestations meet the demands of Iraqis, both those who voted for the Iraqi or the other of the blocks.

This indicates some of the deputies to the existence of divisions within the Iraqi List, the Iraqi deputy, underlining that most of the MPs who came out of them will come back to it soon.