Centre for British Studies: the ambitions of al-Maliki in power drag Iraq into civil war!!

Baghdad / Orr News
Warned the Center for the Study of an international headquarters in London to lead the aspirations of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to power his country into a new civil war, and in the comments Astratja published earlier this month, criticized the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, which is the industry ideas to decision making in the European Union, method of withdrawing the U.S. military, who claimed victory in Iraq and leave it in the security situation and political Mstaqran, but the author of the report, which did not publish his name, in a paradox nice, it seems that even the Centers for International Studies afraid to publish the names of researchers critics of the owners, what is known about the state of journalism in Iraq and and direction of security problems tragic.
Although some of the opinions expressed in this commentary reflect the strategic points of view purely European, not Ntpinha ur agency necessarily, but analysts said the news when they stop a lot of the points contained therein:
The first indictment report to the owners as soon as the U.S. withdrawal the face of his tanks to surround the homes of each of Tariq al-Hashimi, Vice President of the Republic, and Saleh al-Mutlaq, Deputy Prime Minister Rafie al-Issawi, Minister of Finance, and moved the troops led by Ahmed al-Maliki, prime minister's son, and is responsible for protection, as well as from his post as Deputy Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, there are lots of rumors, which confirms that Kedzribat press, perhaps it is from promoted at the mercy of Article 4, terrorism, but Dhirkha in this report, confirms that the point of view, Europe, continues to violate "democratic chaos" which came out Americans to Iraq 2003.
The second point that can be observed in this report, the tone of talk about the "dictatorship of Maliki," after the U.S. withdrawal, when the commentary refers to evade the strategic al-Maliki at some point after the U.S. withdrawal from the application of Arbil agreements that brought him to the seat of prime minister.
The third point in the report the British strategic, is the type to talk about federalism, including take a lot of types of feedback between the understanding of a constitutional, and the earlier in the understandings of the parties holding power now at the London conference before entry of U.S. forces to overthrow the former regime, and the understanding of the Kurdish perhaps Aousel federal applications into "confederation" and finds analysts news in "Ur" This is the difference between both concepts, makes partners of power today, as is the case with Massoud Barzani, and his comments acute on the relationship between the province and the center, closer to the vacuum authority which can force emerging on the ground to catch it, and the Iraqi state was formed for the first time, all the power of humanity in it, trying to take what it can of rights, within its international borders, and perhaps Tfgazz in trade agreements, particularly the oil trade.
And the fourth most dangerous, the conclusions of the study that the ambitions of al-Maliki in power is leading the country into a new civil war worse than the edges of the civil war in 2007 and 2008, and says, "The problem now is that Iraqis do not have anything close to representative government, which promised votes the 2010 elections. Instead, by seeking al-Maliki continued to dominate, seeking to exclude politicians from the Iraqi authority and using repressive measures to this end. and danger in the long run, therefore, is that Maliki's ambitions could lead Iraq into civil war now "
Analysts News in "Ur" This danger, needs the positions and recommendations, did not publish the text of the commentary strategic site the center in the international information network "Internet" as required to stop the reader of Iraq, and perhaps political too, read between the lines of this report, which can be described, the most serious of its kind, and relations between Iraq and Europe is moving towards the completion of the strategic agreement between him and the EU as a whole, a task that made the "agency Ur news" contribute to the translation of this comment Strategic and published text, without adopting what is listed as the ideas and analysis. For the text of the report on the "translations"