Iraqi government threatens to deduct part of the budget of the Kurdistan region for his lack of export quota agreed
May 5 (May) 2012

Threatened an official at the Ministry of Oil Iraq's government to cut off part of the share of the Kurdistan Region of the state budget amounting to 17 per cent because of lack of commitment by local government commitments to export 175 thousand barrels of oil per day through the Iraqi Airways airline to Turkish ports, as opposed source in the Kurdistan Parliament to this procedure, stressing that «cut any part of the budget will lead to severe crises of life in the region».

The media sources have quoted an official from the Iraqi Oil Ministry as saying «The Iraqi government will be held accountable Government of the Territory with respect to its obligations to export 175 thousand barrels of oil per day, and it will be calculated the amounts resulting from that day to day and as global oil prices, and cut off the whole of the share of the Kurdistan Region of State budget », believing deputy in the Iraqi parliament this procedure is contrary to the Constitution and the budget law. Said Najiba Najib Iraqi member of parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance and member of the House of Representatives Financial «It is not there any paragraph legal permit for the Iraqi government to cut off part of the Territory's budget, as there is no provision of the Budget Law allows that too if it does not recognize the territorial Government oil revenues to the center », saying the Iraqi government's actions in this regard is part of the problem and the political crisis plaguing the relations and the territorial Government Center.

But another member of the Iraqi parliament goes against the view MP flag and said in a statement «Middle East» on condition of anonymity «that during the discussions on the budget bill for the current year there was a paragraph that states that if you can not territorial Government to fulfill its obligations to export 175 thousand barrels of oil per day through the Iraqi Airways and the deposit of revenues treasury the State, the right of the Iraqi government to cut the proportion of the region's share for that, but we in the masses of Kurdish and when he introduced the budget law to a vote and then ratification objected to, it was agreed then the other formula, They authorize the Ministry of Finance, the Iraqi government to conduct a settlement with the Government of the Territory in case failed and the Ministry of Natural Resources Pkordstan for export that amount for technical reasons, and since the Government of the Territory stopped the export now without any obstacles or technical problems, export, this paragraph allows to some extent to the Iraqi government be submitted to this procedure ».

For his part, media advisor to the Kurdistan Parliament Tariq Sarmma told «Middle East» that «to stop exporting oil in the quantities committed by the Government of the Territory bears the responsibility of the Iraqi government that it refrain from payments to the companies operating the oil sector in the region» He said «according to the agreements signed with The Iraqi government has an obligation to pay dues to companies that operate oil fields Pkordstan, and that oil exports from the region is due mainly to the efforts of these international companies, and without payment of dues legal, these companies of course will take action pressing, and the Government of the territory and under the pressure of the demands of these companies are the demands of legal was forced to stop exporting oil, and therefore the Iraqi government is responsible in this aspect because they did not comply with the agreements and undertakings launched by most of the time ».

He concluded Sarmma his statement by saying «The financial returns for each export and in what quantity they will return in the end to the Iraqi treasury, we do not receive only our share of the constitutional and legal amounting to 17 per cent, and much of that share goes to staff salaries and operating projects, and that any prejudice or deducting a portion of which will directly affect the living conditions of citizens in the region, and this arbitrary action that happened, especially since the Iraqi government, which refuses to settle the problem of oil suspended between the province and Baghdad ».